Israel is looking for Turkish company for subway construction

Israel is looking for a Turkish company for the construction of the subway: Shai Cohen, the Consul General of Israel in Istanbul, said that they are looking for a Turkish partner for the subway they started to build in their country.
Cohen, the Consul General of Israel in Istanbul, and his delegation visited Ekrem Demirtaş, President of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, in his office.
Stating that the normalization of relations between the two countries will have positive effects in terms of trade, Cohen stated that they will participate in a large scale in the next Izmir International Fair.
Explaining that the construction of the subway started for the first time in Israel, Cohen said, “We started the subway construction in Tel Aviv, we are planning to build 7 different metro lines. One of them is currently under construction. We are planning to put the first one into service in 2019 and we are looking for a Turkish partner for its operation. If necessary, the head of the company in Israel can come to Izmir and hold talks ”.
Expressing that he visited Izmir University of Economics a while ago, Cohen stated that they wanted to start academic relations with this university and they needed Demirtaş's support in this context.
ITO President Demirtaş said that they will make the necessary negotiations on the related projects.
Demanding the promotion of Izmir in Israel, Demirtaş said, “We went to Israel a few times, but your trade delegations did not come here, organize an organization to get them here. Get together the tourism agencies in Israel in Tel Aviv and we'll come and introduce them to Izmir. "We expect at least 100 thousand tourists from Israel to Izmir next year," he said.

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