From the World Media to the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

Compliments from the World Media to Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was opened by President Erdoğan and was free until August 31, was filled with citizens who wanted to take a selfie. The opening of the bridge cost $ 3 billion in the world's media "What a coup attempt, nor terrorist organizations could not stop Turkey" was news to their comments.
Yavuz Sultan Selim (YSS) Bridge, the third neck of the Bosphorus, which was put into service with the official ceremony, was opened to vehicle traffic. Citizens who wondered about the 3rd Bridge reached the bridge free of charge at the toll booths at night with the opening of the connection roads. Drivers entered the selfie race with their families, some citizens broadcast live on the bridge with their mobile phones. Citizens crossing the bridge, which cost 3 billion dollars, showed joy by pressing the horns of their vehicles. Meanwhile, the traffic police officers on the bridge surprised the vehicles with the announcement, "Good luck to the nation, use it bye." All citizens, especially truck and truck drivers, who admire the beauty and magnificence of the bridge expressed the same common thought: God bless those who made this bridge…
Ergin Ardıç, who came to the bridge with his family, said, “Homeland has become a souvenir to the nation. Fırat A., who came to the bridge with his motorcycle while saying "May Allah be pleased with our President and our Chief," said, "I grabbed my girlfriend and brought it here. We are proud ”. Hüseyin Sayan, a truck driver from Athens, said, “We used to wait 6 hours before. Now, we're going in transit. "May God bless those who do it," said the truck driver Imran Şenyaşa, "I could find 9 hours from the Mahmutbey toll booths, along with the forbidden hours. This bridge is opened, its passage does not take 5 minutes. We go directly to Gebze. This is awesome. ”
In the project, the rail system that will be integrated with Marmaray and Istanbul Metro will also connect airports. The remaining project will be completed in 257 in the giant project, in which total length of 2018 kilometers of highways continues.
The opening of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge had a great impact in the world press. Many newspapers, television and news agencies published news praising the bridge. The News of the treacherous coup of July 15, Gaziantep and Ataturk Airport in acts of terrorism, attacks by the PKK and the Syrian operation was carried emphasis could not stop the mega-projects in Turkey.
The giant project of President Erdoğan, the third bridge of the Bosphorus was opened. The bridge is the largest and largest example of its kind. It passed the Eiffel Tower in height and its construction was completed in a record time.
The project is part of Erdogan's $ 200 billion leap that it announced three years ago. French architect Michel Virlogeux of the bridge, "This bridge between Turkey has put the world's leaders," he says. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is the most amazing project built in recent years.
Turkey has built one of the world's largest bridge to ensure the flow of traffic between Europe and Asia. The 15 bridge is planning to ease transportation in the city.
Turkey, Erdogan will go down in history in the frame chain opened its $ 200 billion to build one of the world's largest bridge. Erdoğan's infrastructure projects are changing the face of Istanbul. Turkey was the target of attacks in Daesan Gaziantep and İstanbul Atatürk Airport and the operation was organized in Syria. Erdogan, however, has shown that these confusions will not stop mega-projects planned earlier.
Bosphorus bridges have a more important meaning since they were closed by coup plotters on July 15. Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge is Erdogan's latest mega-project, which aims to continue its economic development move and take its place in history.
Opening spectacular in Erdogan's dream "New Turkey" ultra-modern infrastructure work, July 15 show will continue despite the coup attempt.
President Erdoğan and political leaders opened the third bridge in Istanbul. The bridge, which lasted 3 years and cost $ 3 billion, is the largest suspension bridge in the world.
President Erdoğan's last crazy project, the third bridge to the Bosporus, opened on Friday.
Celebrities who could not remain indifferent to the beauty of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge shared praises from their social media accounts. Producer Polat Yağcı produced a surprise video featuring 18 artists exclusively for the President. While Mustafa Ceceli shared his selfies shot on the bridge on Twitter, names such as Esra Erol, Wilma Elles, Berdan Mardini, Işın Karaca emphasized the magnificence of the bridge.
The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs establishes 'July 15 Democracy and Martyrs Forest' at the entrance of Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge on the European side. The ministry will plant 200 thousand saplings on an area of ​​30 decares. A memorial forest was established in Niğde for Petty Officer Ömer Halis Demir, and in Kazan, for the citizens of Kazanli who died while trying to resist the putschists at the Akıncı Base.

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