Elazig, PKK Organized Bomb Attack on Train

train crash elazig
train crash elazig

The PKK organized a bomb attack on the train in Elazığ: From ELAZIĞ to the freight train to Tatvan district of Bitlis, PKK terrorists organized a bomb attack between Beyhan-Suveren stations. 6 wagons came off the rail as a result of the explosion on the rails with the remote control.

The freight train from Elazığ to Tatvan district of Bitlis was attacked by the PKK in the waters of 09.35 near Akbulut Village of Palu District between Beyhan-Suveren stations today. As a result of the explosion that was installed on the rails with the remote control, the 6 wagon from the rails became unusable. After the explosion was sent to the scene of the rescue teams, gendarmerie teams in the region launched an operation to capture members of the PKK terrorist organization was announced.


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