Giant Metrobus Surprises in China

Giant Metrobus People Surprised in China: A special rail system made in China with a giant metrobus was produced. The system works like this. The rails are laid on both sides of the double lane road. Then a huge metrobus was produced, which was six empty and tunneled, but could move on the rails.
In this way, passengers can continue to travel under the metrobus while the passengers are moving on the road. So the BRT doesn't occupy the strip.
It is observed that it does not affect traffic. It was reported that the vehicle was 22 meter long and 7,6 meter wide. Photos of the new bus were shared with the Chinese press.

The bus is still in the trial phase. No explanation has been given about when to use it on a daily basis. It is also aimed to switch to sri production in a short time.



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