Ceyhan: Tram gave us trouble

Şemsettin Ceyhan, provincial Chairman of AK Party, who has made evaluations about the troubles experienced in tram works, said that there were problems in urban transportation projects in İzmit.
Ceyhan, who stated that the shopkeepers and occupants of the region suffered from the tramway which was going on in the city center especially in the city center, said, girişim Our tradesmen are experiencing difficulties in the tram works that are slowing due to the July coup attempt in 15.
Regarding FETO, Ceyhan stated that the General Center Kocaeli Provincial Coordinator Osman Boyraz came to our province on the last Monday and that they had a meeting on this subject. work is carried out in our provincial organization. We are one of Turkey's least troublesome provinces in this regard; We think there are few FETOs in our organizations. We know the insidious structure, we are working diligently. If it does, we will inform the public and will be removed from our organizations. Our provincial and district congresses 17-25 after December, we do not think they will infiltrate management. Organization is hard work; FETOs do not like laborious jobs, they try to infiltrate into the state. Organizational work comes to them. Ya
Explaining that the second visit to the sister city of Mardin, 2 will take place in September, Ceyhan said that they will go to Mardin to build hearts bridges this time with industrialists, businessmen, artisans, artists and athletes and journalists.
Member of the AK Party Province President Ceyhan announced that they have taken the form of registration, but the members will continue to visit the NGO every Tuesday, said the plan for the organization of the next planned planned work. Ceyhan, 17 1999 17 XNUMX XNUMX year after the pain remains fresh, said the mercy of those who lost their lives in the earthquake, conveyed the wishes of the relatives, X Earthquake, a reality of our province in the world's most beautiful geography. Serious steps were taken for earthquake measures; urban transformations. The buildings must be in accordance with the technology and in accordance with the earthquake regulations. In this regard, everyone should do their part. Buildings that are heavily and moderately damaged in the earthquake should be considered. Dep

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