Moroccan Investments by Bombardier Canada

Moroccan Investments by Bombardier Canada: Canadian aircraft manufacturer Bombardier said that according to a statement made by the company, a decision was taken to move some activities in Ireland to Morocco in order to save costs and achieve long-term goals. According to a report in the Irish newspaper Belfast Telegraph, it was stated that the company did not stop the activities in Ireland completely, and that high value-added and high technology activities would continue, and that only certain labor intensive activities were gradually shifted to countries like Morocco, Mexico and China. 700 people are working in the factory at the moment ahead of the 1080 in the new employment expectation of the person was expressed.




    1. Interesting, but a news that shows the realities of the market. If you remember, the halk own falling does not cry, there are two eyes, has a public statement.
      Instead Turkey, Morocco vbg other countries that have chosen Bombardier vbg companies, with projects in Turkey, in any way as having priority should preferably be shifted to the back row. In this way, we have to show to all these and similar branch foreign companies that foreign companies, investors come to our country for decades, here it is unacceptable to collect the skimmed milk, eat it, take the oil and leave only the most juicy juicy part of the milk in the most expensive way. For this:
      (a) necessarily in our country production,
      (b) a domestic product and production rate of at least% 60 with at least% 80;
      (c) it is essential to reach these rates within maximum 10 years.
      (d) Companies that do not comply with these requirements and who do not comply with them should have a variety of disadvantages, so that the promises can be fulfilled. (Let's not forget that we are living in the samples now! It is the case that a Korean producer takes a big share of the cake, keeps the thread on the domestic rate, puts on the string, we all know!)
      (e) The formal control mechanism in this regard should be of absolute and serious importance at the level of ministries; otherwise, there should never be any compromise.
      (f) Another point is that, as in the case of Bombardier in Morocco, for example, the production base in Ireland provides cheap manual labor, the most simple and low-value manual labor intensive products are produced, in the words of Europeans em If the table / table is lowered to kesinlikle position, its use should be prevented. For this purpose, this change and sharing should be made attractive with the special incentives that will be offered to those who produce HiTech / high technology products and their range in our country.
      (g) For this purpose, these companies should definitely establish an 10 annual plan and which products and products will be realized in this plan.
      Otherwise, we will always look at the train from behind, the red light behind it, or at the best possible distance, we will watch the National-Train etc. projects, we can not reach the level we are trying to reach, much more importantly, we can never provide continuity and timeliness.
      (h) In this context, the greatest incentives and support should be given to the establishment of considerable R & D centers of foreign companies and the formation of know-how. Otherwise, in the coming periods, we continuously make National-Train projects, we always deceive ourselves, we take from outside, ignore the rate of% 80 we will get,% 100 domestic der avunuruz!

    2. This also applies to the partnership they are doing, their local partnerships etc. In no case, with the alibi function, so-called associations, fake manufacturing, productivity, etc. scams, the inevitable demand must be realization of the know-how transfer, should not be allowed to be blocked, by deception!