from BURULAŞ Kabataş Pier description

From BURULAŞ Kabataş Pier description: BURULAŞ, until the renovation works at Katip Çelebi Pier is completed Kabataş He announced that the Iskelesi will continue to be used.
Within the scope of the square arrangement project to be made by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kabataş While the pier was closed to sea traffic, it was reported that Bursa Sea Buses (BUDO) will continue to use the pier in the allocated Katip Çelebi Pier in Sirkeci until the renovation work is completed.
In the written statement made by Bursa Transportation Public Transport Management (BURULAŞ) affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality, BUDO passengers will not have any problems, until the renovation work at the new pier ends. Kabataş It was stated that the pier will continue to be used.
In the description, the following was recorded:
“By Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kabataş Due to the renovation to be made at the pier, different piers have been allocated to the sea vehicles serving from this pier. Katip Çelebi Pier in Sirkeci, which was allocated to BURULAŞ A.Ş. for BUDO flights, has not yet been delivered. After the empty delivery of the pier, the renovation and the procedure to be applied will probably take 15 days. Until this time Kabataş It will continue from the Pier.



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