Bursa, Kent Meydanı-Terminal tram at critical days

Critical days at the City Square-Terminal tramway in Bursa: The construction of the tram line connecting the City Square and the Terminal may be delayed again due to different new developments.
As it will be remembered An.
Although the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality decided in favor of Öztimurlar for the best offer, the Public Procurement Authority decided to correct the result.
The decision of the Public Procurement Authority to decide on the correction of the favor in favor of Ultra Technology and the decision-making process of the Council of State in this direction, caused the 3 month to pause and time was lost.
Ultra Technology has resumed working with verbal notification, but,
The municipality disagrees on the grounds that the municipality does not want to comply with the final project approved in accordance with the contract signed with the parties.
It was learned that the company, which made a contract with 134 million TL, was required to give up some applications in the construction project or change the method.
According to the company Firm
Subsequent amendments to the formal final project mean the actual replacement of the contract and constitute a violation of the legislation.
Bursa, the long-term solution for projects in the city and construction season without any loss of time could not work 3 months.
We think that the metropolitan municipality and Ultra Technology should come together at the same table and they should make a final assessment.

Source: Serkan İNCEOĞLU - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is



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