BUDO torment in Istanbul

BUDO torment in Istanbul: ahead of us ümüz Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has a press release. In a nutshell, UD While the Kabatas Pier is closed to sea traffic within the scope of the project of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Katip Çelebi Port in Sirkeci, which is allocated to BUDO, will be delivered and will continue to use the BUDO Kabataş Pier until the renovation works are completed Özet.
The readers of these pages read the developments on the axis of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality on Sunday, August 7.
In this article we emphasized:
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, showing the Katip Çelebi Pier in Karaköy to BUDO, could not deliver the place.
The decision was taken because the UKOME meeting could not be held. When it was done, the signatures were missing because there were no soldiers.
Katip Çelebi Pier and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Culture Inc. The bookstore also operated.
At the point Gelin
As the operations could not be completed, Katip Çelebi Pier in Karaköy could not be delivered to BUDO.
This is Bu
BUDO in Istanbul on a sea voyage means a new problem is waiting for.
She experiences a very advanced level of distress last 3 days.
For example…
Last week, BURULAŞ wanted to do signage and internet connection works at the pier in Sirkeci. However, the bookstore management of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which used the pier, did not enter the area.
BURULAŞ wanted to measure the BUDO ships to allow them to dock, but the bookstore management, UKOME, did not allow it.
While these were ken
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality requested BAMO to leave 11 from Kabatas Pier as of August in the evening of the previous day and 12 announced that the pier would be closed in August.
They had notified, but they could not hand over the Katip Çelebi Pier, which they had promised in Sirkeci, to BUDO.
These developments are in the background of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality statement. It seems that BUDO in Istanbul is officially fighting under the pressure of a great pier.
It is also important to know that no one has the right to leave the Bursali desperate in the middle of Istanbul.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz - I www.ahmeteminyilmaz.co

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