Boztepeye Adventure Park

Boztepeye Adventure Park is being set up: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Enver Yilmaz, holidaymakers and tourists flocked to visitors to the 530 altitude Boztepe, adrenaline and entertaining time for those who want to spend time adventure park and 50 pieces bungalow house will do, he said.

The project was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu to build bongalov houses with Boztepe's adventure park, where visitors from the local and foreign tourists flocked with the cable car line between Ataturk Park in the city center and Boztepe at an altitude of 530. Army Mayor Enver Yilmaz, France, Germany and as well in many countries such as the US as well as in some provinces in Turkey, of plenty of adrenaline and fun time preferred adventure park to spend, said that the preparations for the establishment of the Army reached the final stage.


Enver Yilmaz emphasized that the city will become more attractive with the adventure park to be established at Boztepe, where holidaymakers and tourists can easily reach the ski lift.

Inda Within the landscape project, which we will apply to Boztepe, we have initiated a project work called ız adventure park zaj in order to activate the trees and activate them in order to get a different activation. From the project to be put into operation by making a builder operator, our children and young people and all citizens will be able to receive services with peace of mind. Boztepe private forest area, this property by purchasing the property we have passed through the Metropolitan. It is registered by the General Directorate of Forest Region in the trees. With our adventure park project that keeps the natural texture on the trees, we are going to activate the trees here. Lad


In addition to the adventure park within the scope of Boztepe Project, President Enver Yilmaz emphasized that they will make a specially equipped 50 bongalov house that holidaymakers and tourists can benefit from.

"According to Boztepe mission in a way we will become a place of Turkey's tourism and attractions. Especially on weekends, Boztepe is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The adventure park will include a variety of adventure-packed activities that cater to every age group, such as the network track for young children, and the rope course for adults. With Zipline, you will be able to pass the trees and fly around the trees by flying from the tree to the wingless. Boztepe, which will experience abundant adrenalin with its city view, will be more popular with its lift and paragliding. The park will be fixed on trees suitable for use without damaging the nature and tree trunks, fixed posts or platform for steel constructions. It will include activities such as climbing wall, jumping platform, zipline. İçinde