Objection to tram stations from Bursa Branch of Chamber of Architects

Objections to tram stations from the Chamber of Architects Bursa Branch: The Chamber of Architects Bursa Branch opposed the designs of 9 tram stations that Bursa Metropolitan Municipality will build on Istanbul Street.
In the statement of the Chamber of Architects, “We have seen projects determined in the survey before in Bursa. We all witnessed how giant projects, which were chosen in a similar way, were implemented in a "headless" way.
The Chamber of Architects Bursa Branch's statement on the subject is as follows;
“The coup attempt against our Republic was prevented; blows to the city, culture and architecture continue without slowing down!
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality publishes its design (!) Works for 9 tram stations, which will supposedly change the face of Istanbul Street, on its website and announces that 23 stations will be selected with the votes of the public among 9 proposals.
Looking at the images presented, a large number of so-called station designs, most of which are monuments of tastelessness, which have not had their share in proportion, scale, architectural aesthetics, are opened to public evaluation and our people are asked to be complicit in these practices that will seriously change the face of Istanbul Road.
In this way, hundreds of architects who were out of this people and who tried to do architecture for the city were ignored; a competition has been opened to achieve these designs; nor a call to architects.
We have seen the projects determined by the survey in Bursa before. Together, we witnessed how similarly selected giant projects were implemented in a "headless" way!
We made press releases many times, advertised to billboards and newspapers; we filed cases…
We are not tired, we are not tired ... We warn those who run the city repeatedly:
Enough is enough ... Do not spoil this city anymore! Despite you, it has entered the Unesco World Heritage List and has been the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, this city of agriculture, the city of water; Do not chop this cultural center any more! As a nation, do not be the perpetrator of the coups made to our Scholarship while cursing the coups and coup plotters for 20 days!
Presented with respect to the public.
Chamber of Architects Bursa Branch Board of Directors ”

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