Ankara YHT Terminal Service in September

Ankara YHT Station is in Service in September: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the works are continuing at the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Station built in Ankara and said, “All works are completed and final touches are being made. We anticipate that the new station will be put into service at the end of September. ” said.
Arslan, said in a statement that the ongoing and planned projects thanks to Turkey's east to west, north to south, pointing out that crisscrossed with railway network, said that Turkey's YHT operations in 8 countries around the world.
Arslan said that the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed rail line integrates with Marmaray and works are continuing rapidly to ensure uninterrupted transportation from Europe to Asia.
“As part of the project, passengers can now go from Ankara to Pendik. Construction work continues on the Pendik-Ayrılıkçeşme line. Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı Improvement work is still being made on the existing suburban line between, and it is not over yet. We were a little late there because we had difficulties with contractors and we had to terminate the contracts. Things are getting faster now. In 2018, we aim to completely complete the suburban line between Pendik and Ayrılıkçeşme. We subtract 3 lines. The subways will be used by Marmaray, and the line 2 will be used by high-speed trains. A YHT that left Ankara on both sides in 1 can go to Haydarpaşa Train Station after Pendik and cross the European Side by using Marmaray's line without interruption. ”
Noting that there are many rail system projects integrated with Marmaray along the route in question, Arslan continued as follows:
“We hope that when the YHT passenger leaves Ankara, you can get off at Pendik and go from Kaynarca to Sabiha Gökçen. You can go down to Ümraniye in Üsküdar, go to Levent in Yenikapı and go to Esenler. We have an extraordinary effort to finish that ring, which will become much more meaningful with the rail system connections in Istanbul. However, we work in city traffic in a city like Istanbul. Approximately 100 trucks enter the traffic a day. Although we want to speed up too much because we also observe the density in traffic, the works are progressing in a certain balance. ”
Arslan said that when the project is completed, it can be passed from Ankara YHT Station to any place of Istanbul in a much more economical and comfortable way in 3-3,5 hours, so it will be preferred to the airline of the railway.
Touching on the construction phases of the Ankara-İzmir line, Arslan stated that İzmir is a bridge in terms of going to overseas, both by railways and divided roads.
Arslan emphasized that they attach great importance to projects such as connecting YHT to İzmir and completing the Istanbul-İzmir Highway as soon as possible. Çandarlı Sea Port is one of the largest sea ports in our country in this context. We made the infrastructure, and we continue our efforts to make it with the build-operate-transfer model related to its superstructure. ” found the assessment.
Noting that the part of the mentioned YHT line from Ankara to Polatlı is ready, Arslan said that the work between Polatlı and Afyonkarahisar has reached 25 percent.
Stating that all the stages of the next stage have been working on the tender, Arslan said, “We will hold the tender of the electromechanical part immediately after. Even though the contract ends in late 2019, our goal is to end the YHT between Ankara and Izmir until the end of 2018. ” said.
Arslan, the work of the YHT Station was built in Ankara, said he took full swing, he said that Turkey's prestige befitting the nature of the new station complex.
Arslan stated that all the works were completed and the finishing touches were completed in Ankara YHT Station, which was built with the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model, "We anticipate that the new station will be put into service at the end of September." he spoke.
TCDD 106 YHT-set purchase Armstrong also provide information about the award, "106 setlik YHT intake is no longer in Turkey with the train we received initially when to make production also for yht'y, yht of praise to the high level of local content and eventually the national trend in our country We are planning to become YHT capable. We will plan this 106 sets step by step so that we can make a domestic YHT at the end. Participation conditions in tender studies are progressing within the framework of this planning. ” used expressions.




    1. Mr. Minister, the end of this summer will end and will be opened by using the fishing line from the old age and other restrictions, even if you have different speed limits and fishesir-ankara and Istanbul has no chance of direct use. Our people do not like to transfer. The advantage of the buses is here. If you try, and you succeed, you get this advantage from the buses.