Akçaray tram project 12 is progressing more than one arm

Akçaray tram project 12 is progressing more than one arm: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality will breathe the transportation of the city. Akçaray continues its tramway operations in different regions of 12 simultaneously and coordinated. 7,2 continues to work at different points in the work that takes place along the 12 kilometer line.
The Akçaray tram line, which the Metropolitan Municipality continues in the city center, continues at full speed. To date, 2 bin 750 meter rail assembly work is carried out at different points in the 12 of the center of Izmit. In this context, while infrastructure works are being carried out at Şahabettin Bilgisu Street, the excavation and filling work continues behind the Central Bank.
Work is also underway in the 100 transformer building at the Anıtpark site and in the tram project where the production of the rail on the north side of the D-6 Highway is realized. The foundation excavation of 2 transformer building and the construction of the 2 transformer building is continuing. The excavation works of the 2 thousand square meter workshop building in the warehouse area have been completed and the asphalt works are carried out on the GMK boulevard while the basic production is in progress.

5 bin 870 meter drinking water line, 6 bin 449 meter drinking water line, 4 bin 543 meter wastewater line displacement and / or remanufacturing of 4 bin 864 meters with different diameters within the scope of tramway works, XNUMX bin XNUMX meter natural gas line displacement and / or remanufactured.
On the other hand, while the production of 2000 meter fiber optic line piping was carried out in the future, the production of asphalt and concrete roads for the use of 750 meter 3 meters of wheeled vehicles in total in one direction 500 meters in one direction to the right and left of the tram line were also made. In the first 1000 meter section of the tram line, the pavement with a total area of ​​4000 square meters was made to the right and left of the road.

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:26

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