The pleasure of the Osmangazi Bridge is the pain of the companies to the public

📩 11/12/2018 17:16

The joy of the Osmangazi Bridge is the pain of the companies to the public: The people will suffer the burden of the damage accumulated day by day on the Osmangazi Bridge
Osmangazi Bridge, which is still under construction with the Build-Operate-Transfer application, was opened at the festival and there was a serious intensity with free pass. Television was presented as a large project in newspapers, and the free pass during the free passage of citizens was dissatisfied with propaganda. After the end of the holiday, the free pass to the Osmangazi Bridge in the density ese left. When the transitions are too expensive, the number of 40-5 thousands of people who use the bridge that the government provides a daily 6 thousand pass guarantee.
The bridge, which connects both sides of the Gulf, was put into service at a ceremony held in June. The first 30 day due to the ban on the bridge from the free pass 9 began in July. Approximately 11 months have passed through paid passes. Transition figures for the first two weeks showed that those passing through the Osmangazi Bridge, which is among the in giant investments İlk, are well below expectations.
Founded with the partnership of Nurol, Makyol, Astaldi, Yüksel, Özaltın and Güriş companies, OTOYOL AŞ. (NÖMAYG) has received a payment guarantee from the state for 18 years, until 2035, even if nobody crosses the bridge. When it is calculated as 40000 vehicle days, 1.4 million per day, 511 million per year… 18 years. In this period, 9.7 billion income will be obtained from the state. Well, although the number of vehicle passes does not exceed 5 thousand even during the tourism period, what kind of burden will be waiting for us in the winter season, while the damage is great every day?
Although the 6 minimizes the gulf crossing, the reason why the bridge is not preferred by drivers is because of high tolls. Istanbul-Bandırma ferry, which is an alternative to the motorway from Istanbul to Izmir rağmen Although two people drive to Bandırma İzmir highway route, 128 pays per person, the cost is 160 pound per person if the highway is used. The effect of this fee on the citizen is quite large.
The entire highway is expected to shorten the distance to the 95 mileage by 8 to 10-3 hours. In this way, 3,5 million dollars will be saved annually. While the 650 hour in the Gulf, 1 hour, the 20-45 minute is passing by the ferry, as we mentioned before, this time is aimed to be reduced to 60 minutes X However, the highway is not completely finished. If the state is damaging millions of dollars per day for transitions which are more expensive than 6 according to IDO ferries, will this damage come out of the citizen's pocket?
For the motorway and the bridge made with the build-operate-transfer model, there seems to be no money out of anyone's pocket at first glance. The government does not even pay a penny for the contractor for this work and only gives the business for a while. Contractor does not spend his pocket. He's getting a bank loan to get the job done. In the past, banks were putting the risk on the public to avoid the risk of failure to collect their receivables. This practice has disappeared and instead opened the path of the loan from state banks. Among the creditors of Osmangazi Bridge are state banks such as Halkbank and Vakıflar Bank. The bridge between the world's largest mid-span suspension bridges with a Build-Operate-Transfer model was the 35 dollar which was originally called 121. The President made a statement at the opening of the bridge and the bridge fee fell to the 90 pound. But this fee is only for the car. As the range of axles and axles increase, the toll increases. The 2682 crossing of a truck crosses the 200 meter from this bridge. The 2700 is the crossing of the 6,5-meter Golden Gate Bridge in the US and the 30 is the toll from Osmangazi Bridge.
Transport maritime and communications minister Ahmet Arslan denied these allegations. But the main issue is highway charges. With the Osmangazi Bridge, only the 58 kilometer of the project is over. After the bridge, the citizens are offered the 2 option. For those who travel by the old road, the time will not be as short as it is said; 20 km between Altınova and Bursa, 84.3 km between Altınova and Balıkesir, 231 km between Altınova and Manisa and 370 km between Altınova and İzmir. For those who will use this road, if the road is not finished, the price will be very high.
Çiğdem Toker 3, in his article published in Cumhuriyet in August, stated; Alıp Imagine a project like this, a project you can vouch for with 5 billion dollars, this debt called 'debt assurance' is not enough, every day you take away from your pocket 3 million TL. Under these circumstances, how long can you boast that 'Time 1 has come down to 6 per hour'? Bu
For the Osmangazi Bridge There are 150-200 thousand olive trees cut in Bursa, destroyed water farmland, forests and pastures.
Manisa Chamber of Agricultural Engineers President İbrahim Demran recently said that thousands of olive trees were cut and vineyards were broken during the 105 km in Manisa. The town's Nilüfer district of 3 said the village will pass through the Chamber of Agriculture Chamber President Şaban Yurddaş said N Let's not damage the plain. We are against this project. A land has become this in a few hundred years. This has to be considered. It would be good for the Uluabat road to cross south. If it passes through the north, it will affect agricultural lands. Agricultural losses will increase. There will be great losses in crops.

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