Underground Parking for Metro Wagons in Izmir

Underground Parking for Metro Wagons in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has finalized the tender for Halkapınar Underground Facility, where the storage and maintenance of metro wagons will be carried out. The construction of the facility, whose construction was delayed as a result of the objection to the Public Procurement Authority (KİK), will start after the delivery of the place to be realized in the coming days. The facility, where 115 wagons can be parked, will be completed in 458 days.
The Metropolitan Municipality has pressed the button again for the Halkapınar Underground Storage Facility, where preparations for the storage and maintenance of the vehicles belonging to the Izmir Metro, the comfortable and fast public transportation vehicle of the city, started last year. On the one hand, the Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work for the production of 95 train sets with 19 wagons to be used in the expanding metro network, on the other hand, the construction tender, which was suspended due to the objection of a company, recently concluded. The underground storage facility, which will be delivered to the ground in the coming days, will have a capacity of 115 wagons. The facilities in question will be built in the area starting from Atatürk Stadium and Şehitler Street and extending to the Osman Ünlü Crossroad and Halkapınar metro storage area. The facility will be completed in 458 days.

A ventilation system consisting of jet fans and axial fans will be created in order to ventilate the environment and to evacuate the smoke that occurs in the event of a fire in the underground maintenance and storage facilities that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will build on two floors on a total area of ​​15 thousand square meters. A compressed air system will be installed in the section where periodic maintenance will be made, where the raised lines are located, for vehicle and parts maintenance. An automatic train washing system will be built outside the facility to ensure that vehicles are washed in motion. In the periodic maintenance unit, a mobile roof working platform will be created on rails that can move parallel to the roofs of the vehicles. In accordance with the national fire regulations, the indoor water fire extinguishing system (cabinet system), sprinkler (fire extinguishing) system and fire fighting filling mouth will be made. In the underground vehicle storage facility, there will also be a transformer center and a third rail system facility that provides the energy of the trains. The facility will also have lighting, socket, fire detection-warning, camera, radio and telephone and scada systems.

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