Turkey from the Gulf to invest $ 2 billion

Invest $ 2 billion from the Gulf to Turkey: numerous customers in the Gulf, with Gökhan Ilgar, DISTRICTESTATES COMPANY OF KUWAIT with such giants as General Manager of returning to invest in Turkey. With $ 1 billion by the Gulf capital to Turkey revised its goal of bringing increased to 2 billion dollars.
Turkey coup attempt and the impact of the housing sector continues to rapidly exceed the acceleration of investment, the investor will not stop Turkey Gulf. Gokhan with many clients in the Gulf Ilgar, DISTRICTESTATES COMPANY OF KUWAIT with such giants as General Manager of returning to invest in Turkey.
Turkish Folk and transmit their wishes to get past all the political Ilgar, "in the July 15, 2016 coup attempt occurred in Turkey condemn the violence and hatred. DISTRICTESTATES COMPANY OF KUWAIT the first TC Prime Minister of Turkey Mr. Binali Yildirim, including Recep Tayyip Erdogan, President Mr. Recep, Turkey Mr. President of the Grand National Assembly Ismail Kahraman and Turkish Armed Forces Commander General Staff Gen. Mr. Hulusi Akar 'to offer our get well wishes. " he spoke.
The ruling party, particularly in the line of duty in Turkey, the AK Party, including all executive bodies and reiterated that full confidence in the President's interest, "the July 15 coup attempt in the world in a short time as being unique sprayed with the support of the brave Turkish nation and the Turkish nation impact and that He once again proved to the whole world how much he is devoted to his roots by saying no to the future blows. It gave us the message that stability will continue by getting stronger. " said.
The investment increased to 2 Billion Dollars.
We have our faith in the 14 years of stability in Turkey, passing all our and our investors with a higher motivation to divert to Turkey, underlining that they continue their work Gökhan Ilgar, "Before 2017 tourism, including real estate in particular we aim to end 1 billion in industrial and agricultural sectors dollar We revised our target to 2 billion dollars by doubling the investments. 3. We believe that the bridge 3. Airport, Canal Istanbul, Yildirim Gulf Crossing Bridge, the Dardanelles Strait Crossing Bridge, with projects such as Istanbul Bosphorus crossing to Turkey will reach 2023 targets. Considering our mutual commercial interests with the business models we are developing; We will be honored to contribute to this goal with our investment partners in the Gulf countries and our own companies and to be a part of it. " used expressions.



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