Why Was There A Metrobus In Bursa?

Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe
Bursa Brokers Recep Altepe

There was a metrobus and why a tram was built in Bursa then: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Bursa took pioneering steps in domestic production and said that after the production of the first domestic tram and the first domestic metro vehicle, the production of the metrobus was now made in Bursa.

Mayor Recep Altepe, met with the bureaucrats of the Metropolitan Municipality of Bursa, the first local metrobus production company in the neighborhood of Kestel Castle examined the factory. Examining the metrobuses produced in Bursa in detail, Mayor Altepe received information from the company officials about the technique and production process of the first domestic metrobuses.

Metrobus excited because of the production in Bursa stated that the President Altepe, pointing to developments in Turkey, "the existence of a powerful city Powerful Turkey's important in the formation. We aim to increase domestic production and production of high value-added vehicles in Bursa, which is a powerful city. ”

“Bursa has achieved firsts in domestic production”

Stating that Bursa is an important center of industry, Mayor Altepe said, “Bursa has achieved firsts in domestic production. Starting with the rail system vehicles, especially in matters concerning municipalities, our Bursa Metropolitan Municipality made these moves under the leadership of the Metropolitan Municipality. The first domestic tram and then the first local metro vehicle were produced. Currently, the most important parts of all vehicles produced in Europe, especially the high-speed train, are also produced in Bursa. Aircraft, treatment devices, sludge burning systems, parking systems can now be produced domestically. One of the new domestic production items in Bursa is metrobus.

"Metrobuses, which are used on routes where the rail system cannot be installed, especially in growing and developing cities, can now be produced in Bursa".

Mayor Altepe reminded that this production was also demanded by Istanbul and said, AK A good quality Mercedes-powered vehicle was produced by the AKIA company, which produces buses to the Balkan countries and the world. Comfortable vehicles that can carry approximately 300 people and make a great contribution to public transportation can now be built in Bursa. Hopefully, our domestic production metrobüsü, in all cities of Turkey and especially Istanbul street will be used in countries around the world, "he congratulated those who took part in the project.

Ett We produced the world's highest capacity BRT vehicle ”

General Manager of the factory, giving information about Ramzi Look at the Metrobus production, "to serve the public transport with the support of our President and to take public transport further, 290 people in Turkey and we produce the world's highest capacity Metrobus vehicle. We developed our project as an alternative to railways in fast growing cities. We also produce diesel, hybrid and electric versions. We strive to be helpful to Turkey, "he said.
In the 290 person capacity produced for the first time in Bursa, Turkey Metrobus, 25 3 meters in length and articulated the distinction of being the first with a formed.

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