There is still no explanation for the historical ruins in the subway excavation in Besiktas

There is still no explanation for the historical remains found in the metro excavation in Beşiktaş: Beşiktaş continues despite the reactions of the experts.Kabataş A photo shared on the social media yesterday related to the subway works had a great impact. In the shared photograph, the historical structure emerging from underground in the region where the excavation works continue. Citizens, while requesting information from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) White Table, no explanation has been given yet.
In the news in the press in June, there is not yet a significant relic, yet the excavations have been carried out under the supervision of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums, 19. End of the century and 20. It was claimed that the ruins dating back to the 18th century were highly destroyed and the architectural plan was very difficult to understand.
On the other hand, the walls and floor coverings of the structure appearing in the photograph shared on social media are clearly seen, but the fate of the remains is unknown.

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