Number of Red Flags is 48

The number of Red Flag was 48: Disabled facilitate the life of the space and tools for distributed only in Izmir in Turkey "Red Flag" has reached the number of the 3 48 years. Finally, Bostanlı of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZDENİZ A.Ş, Karşıyaka, Konak and Üçkuyular piers also drew the red flag of 3 stars.
In Turkey, the first and only implemented in Izmir as 'Red Flag' application, increasingly widespread in the city. With the application aiming to increase the number of places suitable for the access of disabled citizens, anlı Red Flag kurum, Bostanlı, owner of “2 starred Red Flag sonra after being audited by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Red Flag Commission, KarşıyakaThis time deserves to receive "3 stars" for the works carried out at the Konak and Üçkuyular piers. kazanwas.
”Completion is complete, we deserve 3 star“
Emphasizing that the 15 of the new catamaran type 11 new passenger ship has started its service and that there is ease of transportation for both physically, visually and hearing impaired people, İZDENİZ General Manager Salih Aslan said, ız We have to give our disabled citizens the right to travel in the best way. KarşıyakaBy completing our deficiencies in our piers, Konak, Bostanlı and Üçkuyular, we deserve to receive three stars, the highest level of accessibility for our disabled passengers. kazanwe did,” he said.
Red flag commission
In order to encourage people with disabilities to improve the quality of life in the city, red flags are given by a commission with representatives from different institutions. In the Red Flag Commission, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, Izmir City Council, Chamber of Architects, Chamber of Civil Engineers, Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Aegean Region Chamber of Industry, Izmir Chamber of Commerce, Izmir Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen and orthopedic, visual and hearing impaired representatives of the association.
How to get a Red Flag?
In order to obtain a yapıl Red Flag “, application is made to the Social Projects Department of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in writing. The Audit Committee, established among the members of the Commission, conducts on-site inspection with the prepared forms and presents its report to the Commission. The Commission shall decide whether the ve Red Flag ğ shall be issued to the requesting organization according to the nature and number of accessibility features sought in the form of identification. Positive decision; After the approval of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, the in Red Flag Bel is given to the relevant institution.
Here is the proud table
The institutions and organizations that are deemed worthy of receiving the Red Flag in Izmir are as follows;
İzmir Metro Inc. (3 Stars), Torbalı Municipality-Head of Water Recreation Area (2 stars), Torbalı Municipality-Accessible Life Park (3 Stars), Bayraklı Municipality Disabled Service vehicle (3 stars), Karşıyaka Municipality Service building (1 star), Park Bornova Outlet Center (2 stars), Different Cafe Restaurant (1 star), Buca Hasanağa Garden (1 star), Bergama Doğa College Service building (1 star), Nusret Fişek No. 4 in Balçova Family Health Center Service Building (2 stars), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects and Disabled Services Branch Directorate Disabled Service vehicles (2 stars), Bayraklı Kent College and Social Support Center (1 star), Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate buses (5 models-3 stars) and (3 models-2 stars), cafes and restaurants affiliated to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Grand Plaza General Directorate (İnciraltı Cafeteria 2 stars, Historical Gas Gas Factory 1 star, Cafeteria 2 located in Aşık Veysel Recreation Area Ice Rink, Cafeteria 1 star in Eşrefpaşa Hospital, Wildlife Park Swan Star 1 star, Wildlife Park Develi Café 1 star, Yasemin Cafe and Restaurant 1 star), Forum Bornova (2 stars) and Ege University Library (1 star), DEU Distance Education and Research Center (3 stars), Gaziemir Contemporary Life Nuriye Akman Kindergarten (2 stars), Tire Belgin –Atilla Çallıoğlu Science High School (2 stars), Koçtaş Yapı Marketleri Tic. A.Ş Bornova Branch (3 stars), Renaissance İzmir Hotel (3 stars), İZDENİZ A.Ş General Directorate Bostanlı Ferry Port (3 stars), Karşıyaka Ferry Port (3 star), Konak Ferry Port (3 star), Üçkuyular Ferry Port (3 star), Passport Ferry Port (1 star), Tepekule Convention and Exhibition Center (2 star), Gaziemir Nevvar Salih İşgören State Hospital (3 star) ), Maison Vourla Hotel-Urla (1 star), Koçtaş Yapı Marketleri Tic. A. Ş. Mavişehir Branch (2 star), Urla State Hospital (2 star), İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 13 Passenger Ferry (3 star), İzmir Metropolitan Municipality 3 Passenger Ferry (3 star), Buca Municipality Service Building (1 star), Karşıyaka Çarşı Cultural Center (2 star), Ahmet Piriştina Cultural Center (2 star), Deniz Baykal Cultural Center (2 star), Narlıdere Oral and Dental Health Center (3 star), Dikili State Hospital (2 star), İzmir Yeni Sistemli Koleji ( 1 star), İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Çiğli Region Overpasses (2 star), Ayrancılar Türk Telekom Multi Programmed Anatolian High School (2 star)
What do the stars represent?
Iyor Red Flag ategor is given in three categories: 1, 2 and 3. The 1 star shall provide at least a percent 60 of the criteria specified in the Technical Specifications for the accessibility, the 2 star providing at least a percentage of the 75, and the 3 star shall provide publicly available open or closed venues and means of transport to the public. temsil Red Flag verilen.

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