CHP's Akçagöz, hike on Samsun Tram should be taken back

CHP's Akçagöz, get the hike back to Samsun Tram: CHP Samsun Provincial President Tufan Akcagöz reacted to the city's tram hike.
CHP Samsun Provincial Chairman Tufan Akcagözi, said in a statement:
15 July After the coup attempt, all the people of Samsun united in unity and integrity, and the same enthusiasm, despite the passing of 15 days to see the democracy in the name of sustaining the pursuit of democracy, has made us all proud.
In order to facilitate participation in the events taking place in Samsun Cumhuriyet Square, we also find it very convenient to provide free tram service between 19.00 and 01.00 by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality. However, it is well known to all of you that tram fares have increased recently and we have criticized this hike.
Since the free service can be provided, the hike turned out to be unnecessary. Therefore, it must be retrieved hikes tram, with Turkey's economic course of our fellow citizens Samsunlu transport benefit from this by paying a fee should be proportional. "

Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:07

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