The second scalpel to the traffic problem in Istanbul is the Eurasian Tunnel

The second scalpel on the traffic problem of Istanbul Eurasia Tunnel: Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge after the second problem with the Eurasian Tunnel to the traffic problem that they will hit the Transport Minister Arslan, 120 thousand vehicles a day they expect to expect
Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, despite the coup attempt, noting that the investments did not slow down, 3 said the bridge will open the Eurasia Tunnel before the end of the year after the third bridge. Tunnel, planned 7 month before the 20 will be opened in December recording Arslan, said the project would block the traffic jam in the city center. Arslan said that the toll would be 12 TL + VAT. Arslan emphasized that most of the works on the tunnel and approach roads beneath the Bosphorus were completed and 24 watches 8 for the project were carried out on separate sites.
Arslan explained that the approach of the project was improved and expanded, intersections were organized and appropriate pedestrian crossings were made. Arslan stated that the project will be put into service 7 months before the planned date. Arslan said that the toll will be 120 TL + VAT for cars. X The project will be operated for 12 months of 24 months. At the end of this period, the Eurasia Tunnel will be transferred to the public. The project is being realized with a build-operate-transfer model of approximately 5 billion 1 million dollars in financing. Proje
Arslan stated that the Eurasia Tunnel was designed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 7.5. In The system built under the Bosphorus will be able to continue its undamaged service in the biggest earthquake of the year in 500 in Istanbul Ars. The tunnel will serve 7 hours of 24 days. Tolls can be paid through HGS and OGS. There will be no cash box. The Asian entrance will take place in Harem and the European entrance will be at Çatladıkapı.
Arslan pointed out the benefits of the project, said: n Travel time in Kazlıçeşme-Göztepe line will go down to 15 minutes. There will be a one-way transition from the 2 strip on each floor of the two-storey tunnel. n Significant traffic will be reduced to the east of the historical peninsula. Bosphorus, Galata and Unkapanı will be felt as a relief for vehicle traffic in bridges. It will not harm Istanbul's skyline.
Arslan stated that the state will provide revenues of around 180 million TL per annum due to the sharing of income from vehicle tolls. Thanks to the additional capacity to be provided on the Bosphorus passages, the travel time will be reduced and 160 million hours will be saved annually. With the decrease in travel distance and time of vehicles using the tunnel, the amount of emissions emitted by the vehicles will be reduced by approximately 38 thousand tons per year and environmental contribution will be provided T.

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