Eyes in the private sector

On the railway, eyes are now in the private sector: The regulation that will remove the monopoly of TCDD and allow the private sector to transport cargo with its own locomotive has finally been released. The public and private sectors are expected to invest 2023 billion dollars by 150.
On the railway, TCDD's monopoly will be removed, the private sector will be the locomotive owner of the 'liberalization' law has been the actual regulation expected for years. Since the details are not clarified, the investments that are put on hold will be re-activated with this regulation. With the liberalization, the public and private sector are planning to invest more than 2023 billion dollars on railways until 150.
It has been 2 years since the law that opened passenger and freight transport on railways to the private sector. Single regulations on capacity allocation also came out. TCDD Tasimacilik AS was established. However, the actual regulatory regulations, which the industry had been waiting for a long time, did not come out. Industry organizations went to Ankara many times and conveyed their demands to accelerate the process to the ministry. However, no results were obtained. Since the original regulation was not issued, thousands of wagon investments were put on hold. The news that came on August 19 re-energized the sector. The "Railway Operations Authorization Regulation" of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was published in the Official Gazette No. 29806. According to the published regulation, those who want to transport passengers will have at least 6 wagons and two locomotives. Those who will carry freight will have a carrying capacity of at least 1.500 tons. A separate authorization certificate will be obtained for each business area (passenger, freight transport, organization, station management). Document fees will vary between 100 thousand lira and 25 thousand lira.
'Investments should be encouraged'
Turkey is now for the national railway stating that opened the way for the private sector Rail Freight Association (DTD) Vice President Recep Soyak, 'Railway Administration Authorization Regulation noting that one of the basic regulations liberalization in Europe as well, "foot in the Ministry, excluding other sub-regulation The regulations to be completed are completed. The most important and the last legal basis is the network notifications planned by TCDD in April and the infrastructure access fee to be determined here. Studies on this issue completed, notifications are expected. Considering the economic conjuncture of our country, it is necessary to provide extensive employment creation by providing necessary incentives to invest in the investments in railways extensively. Ül
Global giants are in order for investment
The fact that the state monopoly will be lifted in railway transportation has activated the international giant companies. The private sector had started to prepare investment before the law came into force. Many logistics companies are preparing to enter the railway. Deutsche Bahn, Rail Cargo Companies such as in Turkey is planning to move its own locomotives and wagons. The Greenbrier Companies, the American company wants to produce a thousand cars annually by establishing a factory in Turkey. DTD Chairman Özcan Salkaya, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy and Spain also said that the interest in the railway sector.
10 bin wagon order pending
After the government announced that it would start the liberalization process on the railway, the logistic companies that ordered thousands of wagons stopped most of the orders due to the regulations that did not appear. 600, one of the biggest orders Kolin, 100'ta after the order had decided to wait. Other companies planning to invest in this area also stopped the investment. 2 bin 150 has been encouraged to invest in wagons, the regulation for thousands more was expected. When the regulations are issued, the number of orders is expected to be 10. Arkas, Ekol, Barsan, Omsan, KLN Logistics, Rayser is among the logistics companies waiting in line to order hundreds of wagons. With the new regulation, waiting wagon orders will be put on the agenda again.
'Infrastructure usage fees should also be determined'
Turgut Erkeskin, President of International Transport and Logistics Service Producers Association (UTIKAD), made the following statement: We have solved some of the legislative arrangements, the second of which are the infrastructure and legislation, which are the two elements behind the inability to get the position it deserves in the system, with the new Railway Transport Regulation. The private sector is now open to rail transport and investment opportunities are provided. However, it should not be forgotten that infrastructure usage costs have not been determined yet. We cannot expect any progress until they are determined. Ne ”We are faced with a problem that we have never been able to understand with the publication of the regulation,” he said. . Although the financial adequacy criterion may be employed, it cannot be accepted to measure the financial adequacy of a publication with the document money it has paid to the related ministry. Even the determined prices have no harmony with the prices previously determined for other types of transport. There is a need for a serious paradigm change at this point. On the other hand, freight train operators need to certify that they have at least two main lines of locomotives as self-owned or rented with wagons with a capacity of at least one thousand 500 tons of cargo carrying capacity according to their capacity on the wagon. This is a fairly high standard and will leave medium-sized companies with knowledge and capacity in this sector out of the sector. Bu
At least 6 wagon 2 locomotive to carry passengers
According to the regulation, rail infrastructure operators and railway train operators within the borders of the country, and organizers, agents, brokers, garage or station operators in the field of railway transportation will receive authorization certificate from the ministry. Authorization documents will vary by job.
► DA Proof of Entitlement: Domestic railway infrastructure management will take.
► DB1 Authorization Certificate: The national rail network will take on passenger transport.
► DB2 Proof of Entitlement: The national network will take on freight transport.
► DC Proof of Entitlement: It will be given to companies that will perform garage / station operations in places other than the management of the railway infrastructure operator.
► DD Authorization Certificate: Companies that will organize transportation works in the area of ​​freight transport will be taken for commercial purposes.
► DE Proof of Entitlement: The agency will have to receive this document. They will work with the DF authorization certificate. Companies that will operate will also receive a safety authorization certificate from the ministry. The companies that will do business on the railway will only work with registered railway vehicles. The Ministry will determine the duration of the authorization documents and the renewal conditions. The passenger train operator (DB1) will receive at least 6 passenger cars and 2 units or 2 trains will be available as self-owned car or rental. Those who are authorized to operate freight train operator (DB2) will have at least 1500 tons of cargo carrying capacity with at least 2 mainline locomotive goods or rental. There will be at least 1 million TL for the authorization certificate of the station or station operator, at least 500 thousand TL for the organizer authorization certificate, and the company with a capital of at least 150 thousand TL for agency and brokerage. Professional and financial competence requirements will be required in the authorization documents. The period of authorization documents will be 10 years. These documents will not be transferred. In case of any breach of the regulations, an administrative penalty of 5 thousand TL shall be imposed for each defect.
Arkas will take the locomotive
Vice Chairman of Arkas Holding, which records pave the way for investment in the Regulations of the Board and Logistics Services Group President Diane Arcas in "Rail transport Our company R & D, and the truck operator in August as a company for the first time the ECM in Turkey (organization responsible for maintenance) document was the area of ​​the company. IMS (Safety Management System) studies are underway. We have the capacity to carry 706 thousand tons with our 35 wagon in our fleet. Therefore, we are already fulfilling the necessity for capacity. However, we expect TCDD infrastructure usage fee, energy usage prices to be determined in order to be able to switch to the locomotive investment we expect Ancak.



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