Kocaeli Metropolitan buses are cleaned every day

Kocaeli Metropolitan Buses are cleaned every day: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Transportation Bus buses are cleaned every day regularly to ensure that citizens travel with peace of mind. Anti-disinfectants and odorless, environmentally friendly cleaning materials are used for the cleaning of internal and external buses.
Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide safe, economical, high quality and comfortable service to Kocaeli people by using high technology solutions based on the principle of customer satisfaction in public transportation and by using innovative technology. In this context, the cleanliness of buses of the Metropolitan Municipality, which is frequently used by the Shamans in the day, is also given importance. Buses are cleaned every day and are being launched.
Vehicle cleaning is carried out in two stages, internal and external cleaning. External cleaning is carried out by the operators with automatic vehicle cleaning machines. In the interior cleaning, the windows are wiped, floors are moped and all surfaces including handles are cleaned in detail. In terms of cleaning, especially the cleaning of the chemical component odorless cleaning products are used.
Anti-disinfectant cleaning products are used to remove microbes from the winter. In addition, at the end of the voyage at the end of the vehicle by the driver to clean the vehicle cleaning equipment is also available. All the controls are performed by personnel after cleaning. Cleaning is repeated if it is determined that the vehicles are not properly cleaned. In addition, checkpoints are provided by control teams in places where there are waiting points during the day.


Günceleme: 11/12/2018 17:10

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