Eagle - Kadıköy metro doping to the line

Eagle - Kadıköy Metro doping to the line:Kadıköy EVA Gayrimenkul Değerleme conducted field research in the districts where Kartal Metro passes through, and determined that real estate prices reached the top when compared to 2011.
Kadıköy- Kartal, Maltepe, Küçükyalı, Bostancı, Kozyatağı, Acıbadem and the routes on the Eagle Metro. Kadıköy When the sales prices of the projects in their districts in 2011 are compared with the current sales prices, an increase of up to 60 percent was experienced. According to the research, the most striking increase occurred in Kartal. While the flat unit square meter prices between D-100 Highway and Tem Highway in the district were between 500 and 4 liras, today it has increased to 450 thousand and 3 thousand 6 liras. While sales per square meter of flats between D-800 Highway and the coastal road in Kartal were between 100 and 600 liras, these values ​​increased to the level of 5 thousand - 700 thousand 2016 lira as of 5. On the other hand, the strong position of the region in terms of transportation connections had a positive effect on the development process. In Fikirtepe, where high-rise residences and housing blocks are currently on the rise, unit square meter prices have reached the level of 12 thousand to 500 thousand liras as of 2016.
EVA Real Estate Appraisal Project Coordinator Fatih Doğan pointed out that rail systems such as metro, tram and Marmaray, which were implemented in Istanbul to facilitate and accelerate transportation, directly affect the housing prices. The clearest example of this Kadıköy Noting that it happened on the routes on the Kartal Metro, Doğan said that the subject is more valuable than it has ever been seen in the past. kazanis recording it. Stating that the value increase in real estate will continue in parallel with the integration of the axis with new transportation projects in the coming period, Doğan reminded that the construction works are continuing to extend the line to Kaynarca. With the Üsküdar – Çekmeköy Metro line under construction KadıköyIt is stated that the prices will increase even higher with the Bostancı İDO-Kozyatağı - Küçükbakkalköy - İçerenköy - Dudullu metro line, which will connect the Kartal Metro line.
Doğan stated that the transportation advantage brought by the D-100 and TEM highways, Sabiha Gökçen Airport, Marmaray and high-speed train makes the Kartal region a good alternative both in terms of production and demand. Pointing out that in Kartal, where high-scale investments have been completed, housing and office investments have increased in a balanced manner in large parcels with clean property structure, Doğan said, “Industrial areas and old estates in the district are replaced by social reinforcement areas with more branded projects. When we look at the projects with sea and Islands view inside, office and home-office projects on the D-100 Highway, and residential projects towards the Yakacık location and the coastline are generally concentrated. kazanis eating,” he said.

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