Kadir Topbaş quits the question of leaving the task

The answer to the question whether Kadir Topbaş is leaving his post was answered: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's Deputy Chairman of the Council, Göksel Gümüşdağ, denied the news of Kadir Topbaş leaving his post with his statement.
Gumusdag said in a statement, “Today, some web sites 'Kadir Topbas, Goksel Goksel Gundel is transferred to the presidency' news. These news do not reflect the truth. The purpose of the news and who it serves is known. In these days when our country and our nation is going through a sensitive period, the intention and purpose of those who want to hunt fish in turbid waters are known. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş is in charge today as he did yesterday. Mayor Topbaş, who has been granted the favor of the people of Istanbul by 5 million votes with approximately 3 votes, continues to serve Istanbul and Istanbul residents. Together with Mr. Topbaş, I have worked in harmony in my duty as Deputy Chairman of the Assembly for 13. Legal proceedings will be resorted to about the site and those responsible for publishing the news ”.

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