3rd Airport enters Guinness Book of Records

  1. Airport is entering the Guinness Book of: the construction of the new airport, having an important place in Turkey's 2023 target is progressing rapidly. IGA CEO Yusuf Akçayoğlu said that an application has been made to Guinness with a record of the number of employees and functional equipment.

Istanbul's New Airport is rapidly completing. In the first phase of the construction, which consists of 4 phases, the delivery of the 'A' phase was changed to 2018 February instead of October 26. With the end of this stage, landing and departure will begin at the airport.
A third of the 76.5 billion euro loan financing was used in the works carried out by Cengiz - Mapa - Limak - Kolin - Kalyon partnership on an area of ​​4.6 million square meters. In the airport, where 62 percent level was exceeded in rough construction, the entire airport reached 28 percent. In the area where 17 people work now, 500 thousand people are expected to work in the same period next year.
Istanbul loaded in the construction of the new airport and finishes then who will make the company HDI (Istanbul Grand Airport) CEO Joseph Akcayoglu is, are rapidly continuing to work in all circumstances, Turkey's 2023 targets in an important place of the whole world by progress in the new airport 'trust' message said they gave.
Akçayoğlu stated that the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) continued to work as a full staff on the morning of the coup attempt on July 15, and that they are working hard and determined.
17 thousand 500 people team all over the world, "Turkey's power 'in the best way that emphasizes tell Akcayoglu of" 15 July night to go with the national will and democracy, like all Turkey, we've done our best .. All the world is cutting the work in such a great project even he saw that he was walking with less determination. We understood how important this work is, we hug it with four hands. We set off our trucks and business vehicles on the field to be with our nation. We supported 100 vehicles, "he said.
Akçayoğlu stated that they broke the records in this area with 40 million cubic meters of soil movement in July, 24 million of which were excavations and 16 million of them were fillings. In the airport construction, where the number of working trucks increased to 2 thousand 300, the total number of vehicles with heavy construction machines was 3 thousand. For this, an application was made to Guinness.
Pointing out that they are acting at the top of the number of workable days, Akçayoğlu said that they are working to increase the speed and make their night work as efficient as the day. Akçayoğlu said, “It will be easier if we achieve this. We want to adjust this by increasing the number of employees to get daytime efficiency in night work. ”
Yusuf Akçayoğlu pointed out that, as a mega project, integrated roads with the airport should be built at the same speed, and pointed out the importance of easy transportation from the highway. Akçayoğlu said, “This road and connection road works must be done in the same direction. For example, the third bridge. There is also a rail system on the third bridge. A high-speed train line will pass through that rail system. We are already making these stations. Both the high speed train station and Gayrettepe - Halkalı We are building our metro station. As for the lines, he'il be tied up there. These tenders are important. Auctions were made for the third bridge connection roads and ring roads. They will also begin on one hand. The currently used D20 path will be improved. From there will be 7 entry to the airport. The Ministry of Transport is very diligent in these matters. Ulaştırma
Akçayoğlu stated that everything is thought at the new airport and easy systems are made as passenger friendly. In this context, Akçayoğlu said that the passengers should not worry about the size of the area, “Passengers will find everything at hand.
In addition, waiting or sending passengers will wait in the best social areas under the most pleasant conditions. I only suggest you come early for our very beautiful Duty Free area. ”
Yusuf Akçayoğlu, airport construction before the start of the design of the security issue was taken into consideration, he said. Akçayoğlu gave information about the security measures, said:
“There is already a distance between the airport front and the entrance. There will be security experts in the building to observe suspicious passengers at different points. There will be special places for them to perceive. They will monitor at different points where they are not seen. There will be face recognition systems. We have a chance to use whatever is the new airport. We do everything from the very beginning. The best systems in the world will be here. ”
There are over 60 white-collar female employees at the airport. Ezgi Kundak Çetindoğan, civil engineer, who is one of the most important female employees, has been working here for 1.5 years. Considering continuing his career as a 'big chance' in the project, Çetindoğan said, “I take part in ensuring the necessary project management among the relevant units in the project coordination department at such a large construction site in the construction sector where women are a minority. He took part in a 'signature' project that is followed by the whole world, and I had the opportunity to both transfer my own experiences and acquire different experiences. ”
The construction engineer and architect Aşiyan Ermiş, who has been working on the project for the 1.5 years, said:
“I work in Project Coordination and Building Information Modeling (BIM). In the Project Coordination group, we provide all the design inputs in a healthy way with the report, technical documents and meetings we organize. In the BIM Department, the buildings are modeled in a three-dimensional environment with all their technical infrastructure, and they are revived using all the possibilities (mobile and fixed equipment) provided by today's technology as a living organism. Today the world not only in Turkey, many engineers and architects like to take part in such a project. "



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