Will the Public Transportation Rise in Istanbul

Is there a raise for public transportation in Istanbul: Public transportation in Istanbul has been free since July 15, 2016. Kadir Topbaş reminded that public transport is free until 31 July 2016 in Istanbul and responded to the raise claims.
Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş stated that an opera house will be built in Taksim and said, “The mosque's project is about to be completed. He needs a mosque in the region, to do. " said.
Topbas, a television channel said in a statement, the public transportation of Istanbul public transport to the democrat seizure to reach the 31 free of charge until July reminded.
Stating that the victims of minibuses and minibus shops are in question during this period, therefore they are working on making public transportation free of charge between 20.00 - 06.00, Topbaş said that “There will never be a hike after the free transport on social media.” said.
They did not make an account of the damage of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in the coup attempt because Turkey's kazanEmphasizing that he is the best, Topbaş said, “I would like to thank the people of Istanbul in particular. They keep watch on the streets, in the squares, but they do not harm any public property. We also provide logistical support to our citizens such as food and water.” said.
Explaining that they are preparing to invest more than 16,3 billion pounds in the city, Topbaş said that the projects will continue without slowing down.
- Artillery barracks
Stating that the Topçu Barracks to be built in Taksim should not be seen as a reason for stubbornness, and that the decisions of the protection board and the court are in the middle, Kadir Topbaş said that the art gallery, museum and the lower part of the work can serve as a cafe. point. Taksim is not a place people want to go too much. Here you can visit the museum style more towards modernization with an art gallery and cafe. " he spoke.
Explaining that the opera building will be built in Taksim and the mosque's project is about to be completed, Topbaş said, “The location of the mosque was approved by the conservation board. There are also conservation plans of the region. Legal processes are completed. There is a need for a mosque in that area, it will be built. Unfortunately, people are currently trying to worship in the shed. There is a mosque in the shed in Taksim. People perform Friday prayers outside in summer, winter. This is not pleasant." used expressions.
In the vicinity of the Camlica Mosque, urban transformation will be done, said Topbas.
“We were going to make viaducts for transportation to Çamlıca. However, since it is a natural SIT area, attention should be paid. It can cause problems in the field. Expropriation and expropriation costs are also high. That's why we started a tunnel work there, it continues. However, since the tunnel is not enough, we make metro to Çamlıca. With this line integrated into the metrobus and metro lines, people will be able to live a consensus and beliefs there. There are points we have discussed over the cable car system that we explained earlier, it is currently waiting. We will make the name of Gazi Çengelköy Park by making a big park next to Çamlıca Mosque. ”
Topbaş, 3rd airport in Istanbul and Turkey would be very important for economic, employment and economic Istanbul would be further strengthened, he added.

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