work was accelerated in Turkey's longest rail tunnel

Works accelerated in Turkey's longest railway tunnel: The works in the "Railway double tube crossing project" that will connect the Bahçe district of Osmaniye and the Nurdağı district of Gaziantep have been accelerated with the commissioning of the tunnel digging machine. kazanoutside
The garden will connect the town of Osmaniye and Gaziantep Nurdağı and work in each project will double Turkey's longest railway tunnel with 10 thousand 200-meter length of tunnel digging machine has accelerated the introduction.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) is commissioned by the Gaziantep-Adana-Malatya conventional line-Nurdağ Variant Garden and Railway Tunnel Project completion will shorten existing railway 17 kilometers.
Hasan Çatlakkaya, the construction site manager of the contractor firm, said that the first one of the tunnels, each 10 thousand 400 meters long and 8 meters in diameter, has made 1 meters and the second one has 590 meters.
One of Turkey's most challenging passage
The area between the towns of Nurdağı garden with geographical and geological point of view Turkey is among the most challenging part of the transfer Çatlakka said, "When the tunnel is completed will connect the Southeast Anatolia with Cukurova. Railway, highway, highway and oil pipelines pass through the region, residential and industrial facilities are intertwined. The Eastern Anatolian fault zone also passes here. Considering these conditions, we see that the route is quite difficult. " used the expressions.
The project, which is expected to cost 193 million 253 thousand liras in total, is planned to be completed in December 2018. In the tunnel construction, where 24-hour work continues, 20 workers, 200 of whom are technical personnel, work.

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