Turkish Transport-Sen in Democracy

Turkish Transport-Sen Democracy Watch: Turkish Transport Sen Branch Chairman Baler Fidan, TCDD and the airport workers with unionists and members in Gaziantep Democracy Square shoulder-to-shoulder guard.
Many non-governmental organizations support the seizure in Gaziantep's Democracy Square after a coup attempt. Baler Fidan, chairman of the Gaziantep branch of Turkish Transportation, union leaders, and union members kept a vigil for democracy along with iron and airline workers. Providing information about the seizure held in the square of Democracy, President Fidan said, em We, TürkTransport-Sen as our principle, our country first, our country is the most put forward in our struggle. We do not change our position in any country, country or country. Day is the day of unity and togetherness. Day, the traitor FETÖ and the PKK with their ropes in the hands of the United States, Britain and Israel is the day to spoil the game. Today, with the spirit of Çanakkale from every sight, together with our people, we are on duty here. Because for us, the rest of the patriarchate is very detailed. Turkish nation on this difficult days of this country is not derelict, nobody can wash him with feather foot games have shown seven aherthon, no one should not even think of such a despicable attempt, because the answer will be much harder, nobody mind it, "he said.
Fidan, who also called on all non-governmental organizations, said, ım As in our struggle for liberation today, national unity and solidarity are re-established. Today is a day when everyone is embracing without party separation. Our citizens must be vigilant against any provocation, the speeches made here must continue to be unifying, as there are people here. This view gives this national stance to the enemy fear. People who want to mix the games of our nation as a nation, we have broken together, '' he said.
The saplings and union members thanked all citizens who met the needs of the citizens and the people who met here.

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