Governor Karaloğlu, Tram and Airport Review

Governor Karaloğlu, Tram and Airport Review: Antalya Governor Munir Karaloğlu, Meydan-Airport tram line, airport car entrance and Antalya Arena Stadium found the inspections.
Governor Munir Karaloglu, 3 days before the meeting at the airport to reduce waiting and intensity to see the work on-site tram line found the studies found. Muratpaşa Mosque stop by the people who took the tram to the tram Karaloğlu, chat with citizens in the tram, listened to problems. Security measures at the airport tram station and increased the number of strips for vehicles at the entrance of the airport, the Governor Karaloğlu thanked those who contributed. Governor Karaloğlu, Antalya Arena Stadium also found investigations.

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