Iran and Italy to co-operate on railways

Iran and Italy will cooperate on railroads: Iranian transport and residence minister Abbas Ahundi said in an interview with Italy's infrastructure minister, Graziana Delrio, in Rome yesterday that they agreed on two projects with Italy on high-speed trains.
In the declaration published, the construction of the high speed train project on the 146 km route between Kum city of Iran and Erak city, on the other hand, the 260 km high train project between Tehran and Hamedan will start in the spring season next year and the training period will be in September this year. It was recorded that it was decided to start.
The Iranian minister of transport and housing also stated that, under the agreement, a joint investment was signed with Italy to open a corridor, from the border of Bazergan in the north west of Iran to the port of Imam Khomeini in southwest Iran, the value of this agreement was 5 billion euros. .

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