Silkworm on the Rails Service Service

İpekböçeği Rails on the service of the convoy from the face stranded: Bursa city center passenger carrying Silkworm on the rails deteriorated because of the service minibus 15 was stuck for minutes.
In Bursa, the silkworm carrying passengers in the city center was trapped for 15 minutes because of the service van, which was damaged on the rails.
The Silkworm, which was brought to Bursa by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and carrying passengers by making a ring in the city center, was trapped by a service van that was damaged on the rails while watching from the Altıparmak direction to the Sculpture direction. Waiting for the shuttle van to be pulled out of the road with its passengers for 15 minutes, the silkworm continued on its way after the van was loaded and taken to the tractor.



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