Test Drive in Tünektepe Ropeway Project Started (Photo Gallery)

Tünektepe Teleferik Project Test Drives Started: In Antalya, the Sarısu-Tünektepe cable car project has come to an end. Sarısu'dan Antalya's 618 high-altitude point Tünektepe'in thousand people carry the ropeway to the test drive began.

Tünektepe ropeway work on the project continues uninterrupted. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is contracting the 6 million 950 thousand TL step by step. One of the 43 9 beams were planted directly from Sarısu and Tünektepe. The construction of two ongoing stations is expected to be completed in a short time.

Test drives started

36 cabin will carry passengers on the ropeway. Unmanned test drives of passenger cabinets started to carry thousands of 250 per hour from Sarısu to Tünektepe. Metropolitan Municipality officials said that the cabins would be eight people and that the ropeway would be between two stations between 6-10 minutes. 3 meters between the two stations total 600 meter line was taken and the rope thickness of the 48 millimeter diameter of the 120 meter, indicating that the authorities said the cabin will be.

Security at high stage

Ip With the completion of these phases, the system will be reviewed and approved by an internationally accredited independent organization, uluslararası he said. Then, with the reports to be issued by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and the Metropolitan Municipality, an operating license will be obtained. Then the passengers will begin to carry, Sonr he said.

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