Level Crossing Accident Statement from TCDD

Level Crossing Accident Explanation from TCDD: During the course of the freight train number 27.07.2016 between the dates of 00.25 on 23420 between Bor-Bereket stations between Kayseri and Ulukışla, 51 EK 704 plate vehicle located at Km 43 + 420 (16 km from Niğde) Level crossing accident occurred as a result of entering the level crossing with automatic barrier when the barrier arms were closed.
1- As a result of the accident, five of our citizens died and ten of our citizens were injured.
2- Level crossing with automatic barrier, flashing and bell-shaped and marking of the boiler is complete. After the accident, automatic barrier, flasher and bell system were found to work properly.
3- We wish our citizens, who lost their lives because of the accident, to have mercy on our wounded citizens and warn all our drivers to be careful with signs and rules when using level crossings.
4-A judicial and administrative investigation was initiated.



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