Access to democracy guard in Antalya

Antalya city support for democracy seizure: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, against the coup attempt to provide support for citizens of democracy. Antray's services on Fatih-Meydan line were extended until the morning.
Turkey carried out on the night of July 15 but the failed coup attempt against the reaction of the people across the country are kept in democracy seizures occur in general. In Antalya, citizens from all walks of life meet in the Republic Square on the day of the democracy. Citizens, who prevent the coup attempt, are gathered in Cumhuriyet Square at any time of the day by defending democracy.
Expeditions on Fatih-Meydan line extended until morning
Citizens who have a seizure of democracy, the Metropolitan Municipality is supported in many areas. The Metropolitan Municipality, which creates shaded seating areas for citizens and provides all the facilities they can meet their needs, also contributes to the transportation of people to Antalya. Antray connected to the Metropolitan Municipality and the official plate red buses, the day of the event on Friday night, provides free transportation to citizens. Antray and the red buses with black plates will continue to provide free services this evening. Furthermore, Antray's flights on Fatih-Meydan line were extended until the morning for citizens of democracy.

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