Karşıyaka second stage works started on tram line

Karşıyaka The second phase of the tram line has begun: The tram which has undergone various revisions Karşıyaka the second stage of the work began. According to this KarşıyakaThe tram will be extended to İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone (İAOSB), Ata Sanayi and Çiğli State Hospital.
Mansion and Karşıyaka Revisions were made many times before and after the bidding on trams. The most important changes before the tender, the line that was envisaged to pass through the middle regime in Şair Eşref Boulevard was changed and put on the road because it would cause the removal of mulberry trees in the middle. The line planned to pass through the area where the green areas and parking lots are located in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard was taken to Mithatpaşa Street as it would cause the decrease in parking lots and the removal of trees. However, he was taken to Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard again due to the interruption of the traffic flow from the steep streets, blocking the parking lots on the street and infrastructure problems. It was decided to pass the line on the land and sea sides of the road in order not to affect the parking lots and green areas on the Boulevard. Republic Square transition has also changed. The line was changed to Gazi Boulevard-Çankaya-Şair Eşref Boulevard. Karşıyaka The most important change in the tram was the change of Bostanli Bazaar transition.
On the other hand with 14 station Karşıyaka Preparatory work has also started for the 2nd stage of the tram. Accordingly, the Tram will cover İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, Ata Sanayi and the new Çiğli Regional Training Hospital. According to the project in the planning Karşıyaka the tram will extend through the industrial zone until the Çiğli Regional Training Hospital.



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