Fire in Bursa Stopping Bursaray Campaigns

Fire in Bursa Stopped Bursaray Expeditions: A fire broke out in a flying balloon factory in the central Osmangazi District of Bursa.
Rapidly spreading and splashing into the workplace around it, the helium tubes from time to time to explode because of the explosion of the fire is continuing to work.
A fire broke out at 19.00 in the flying balloon factory of Turgay Pakyürek, located in the Tannery District of Soğanlı District of the central Osmangazi district. A large number of helium gas cylinders found in the workshop exploded. Rapidly spreading, the fire spread to a lumberyard and a tire repair shop. While the citizens were experiencing great panic due to the explosions, black clouds covered the city center due to the fire.
Bursa Metropolitan fire brigade as well as the surrounding district fire brigade firefighters intervened, ambulances were shipped to the region. Police teams from the Merino Intersection Mudanya road from the direction of traffic while closing the wide security measures were taken in the region. Fire extinguishing work continues.
The fire that started as a result of the explosion of the helium gas tube continues in a flying balloon workshop in the central Osmangazi District of Soğanlı District of Bursa. Firefighters intervene in the expanding fire by leaping to the adjacent old tire warehouse and timber mill. After the Bursa-İzmir Highway was closed to traffic due to the dense smoke emitted from the fire, the Bursaray flights, which provided urban transportation, were also stopped.
Firefighters belonging to the Regional Directorate of Forestry came to support the firefighters, who started with the explosion of helium gases in the flying balloon workshop and remained inadequate due to the growth of the fire, which spread to both adjacent workshops. AFAD, AKUT, UMKE and NAK teams were also dispatched to the region. The fire was brought under control by the firefighters' intervention lasting 2 hours. The teams continue to work on cooling at the scene.

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