Cable car between Eyup and Pierre Loti will extend to Miniaturk

The cable car between Eyup and Pierre Loti will extend to the Miniatürk: The modern and high-capacity cable car system of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Eyüp-Pierre Loti-Miniatürk, has launched a total of 2 kilometers.

At the meeting of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in July, the majority of the 1 / 5000 plans of the cable car line were approved.

AK Party group vice president Basil Basalan, said the line is one of the projects of the rail system, which attaches importance to President Kadir Topbaş, the project will provide a significant contribution to Istanbul in terms of transportation and tourism, he said. Başalan said that the project will connect the two sides of the Golden Horn with the rail system.

Eyüp Mayor Remzi Aydın told the questions of AA correspondent that the existing ropeway line is not enough.

Stressing that the line will contribute to tourism and economy, Aydın said, yerli Pierre Loti is a special and decent place to cater for local tourists as well as foreign tourists. The new line is planned to carry a thousand 500 passengers per hour. Eyüp is growing, Eyüp is developing, Eyüp is progressing. I wish the work would be beneficial to our city. Çalış

- The number of stations will rise to 3

The ongoing tender process will start with the Eyüp station next to the Golden Horn ferry port in Eyüp. The line continues with the second station on the Pierre Loti hill which is the touristic center. station will end with.

The old ropeway line running between Eyup-Pierre Loti will be removed on the grounds that its speed and carrying capacity is low, and the new route will be established on the same route with a more modern, fast and carrying capacity.

Eminonu-Alibeykoy tram line will be integrated with Eyup Station and will consist of Eyüp, Pierre Loti and Miniatürk stations. 8 3 passenger seats with passenger cabins will be built in double direction XNUMX thousand passengers per hour.

The tender process is ongoing this year for the Eyüp-Pierre Loti-Miniatürk Ropeway Line. The line, which will make significant contributions to Istanbul transportation and tourism, is planned to be completed in 14 months.

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