Shock punishment for illegal passers from Osmangazi Bridge

Shock punishment for illegal passers from Osmangazi Bridge: While discussions about the operating fee of the Osmangazi Bridge, opened on June 30, the first penalties began to be written on the bridge.
The first penalties were imposed on the Osmangazi Bridge, which was inaugurated on June 30 with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and enabled the gulf to be crossed in 3 minutes.
While passing the Osmangazi Bridge free of charge during the Bayram holiday, paid crossings started on Monday morning after the holiday. Citizens who think that the crossing fees are too high, complained about the price, and a lawsuit was filed yesterday for the cancellation of the operating fee.
Stating that the transaction that regulates the operation fee of Osmangazi Bridge is not compatible with the principle of public service, the lawyers stated that there is no charge for other double-lane roads and bridges, and said, “The process of charging double-lane roads passing over Osmangazi Bridge is also illegal. they said.
While the discussions about the operating fee were carried from social media to the courthouse, it started to be written in the first penalties on the Osmangazi Bridge. On the penalty receipt, it is seen that the owner of the vehicle who does not pay the fee of 1 TL for 88.75st class vehicles is fined approximately 11 times the figure. This increases the figure of 88 TL to almost a thousand TL.

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