The Osmangazi Bridge

osmangazi bruis is empty
osmangazi bruis is empty

The account on the Osmangazi Bridge was surprising: Osman Gazi Bridge, discussed with the astronomical toll fee, could not reach the guaranteed number despite being free on the holiday. For the bridge, where 87 thousand vehicles pass every day, the government has guaranteed that 135 thousand vehicles will pass to the contractor. The invoice will be issued to the citizen again.

5 thousand vehicles passed in 435 days from Osman Gazi Bridge, which is known as the neck of the Izmir Bay. It was noteworthy that an average of 87 thousand vehicles passed through the bridge, which was discussed due to the astronomical toll, during the public holiday with the highest traffic. The contractor company will be paid $ 135 for every vehicle under 3 thousand.


Istanbul-Izmir Highway Yalova Altinova-Bursa Gemlik located in the section between the Gulf Bay Bridge, the other Osman Gazi Bridge, Build-Operate-Transfer model was made. 14 according to the 3 annual agreement made by the government with the bridge company. When the construction of the bridge and highway is completed, there is a Treasury guarantee for the 3 thousand vehicle crossing every day, including 135 dollars per vehicle.
In other words, if the 135 bin does not pass through the bridge a day, the company will receive 3 dollars per vehicle missing from the pocket.


Kocaeli Governor Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu announced on Twitter that on July 1-5, 435 thousand 115 vehicles were transferred between Dilovası and Yalova. According to the information provided by Güzeloğlu, Osman Gazi Bridge passed 1 thousand on July 49, 2 thousand on July 83, 3 thousand on July 83, 4 thousand on July 75, and 5 thousand on July 108.


CHP Istanbul deputy Aykut Erdoğdu said: em If the quota guaranteed by the state cannot be reached, a Treasury payment will be introduced into the circuit, ie the cost of the bridge will begin to pay the public. If the bridge is not used due to high tolls, the difference will be paid by the Treasury. This gives rise to significant burdens on public finance. Bu

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  1. Under the terms of the contract are guaranteed to pass 135bin vehicle not 40 bin per day from the bridge. On the motorway, 115.000 vehicle warranty is available in total.
    If we leave the figures aside, these objections had to be made before the bridge tender. Not after the bridge is over.
    Traffic Guarantees: In the project, traffic guarantee is given in 4 separate segments. These segments and traffic guarantees;
    1.Make: 40.000 Automobile equivalent / Day for Gebze - Orhangazi,
    2.Kesim: 35.000 Automobile equivalent / Day for Orhangazi - Bursa (Ovaakca Interchange),
    3.Classic: Bursa (Karacabey Junction) - 17.000 Automobile equivalent / Day for Balıkesir / Edremit separation, and
    4.Construction: (Balıkesir - Edremit) distinction - 23.000 Automobile equivalent / Day for İzmir.