Osmangazi Bridge to Make Yalova an e-export Base

Osmangazi Bridge to Make Yalova an e-export Base: E-commerce companies will make Yalova a warehouse center with the Osmangazi Bridge. Sefamerve.com CEO Okur said, "Yalova becomes an export base with its organized logistics center."
The Osmangazi Bridge, which opened two weeks ago and reduced the 2-hour road between Yalova and Sabiha Gökçen to 15 minutes, will make Yalova the warehouse center of e-commerce companies. E-commerce companies, which solved the transportation problem with the bridge, started to shift their warehouses to Yalova because the land prices are more affordable. Metin Okur, CEO of Sefamerve.com, said that logistics costs fell 40 percent with the bridge. Okur said, “While the average cost of one square meter of warehouse rent in Istanbul is between 7 and 15 dollars, in Yalova it is between 2 and 3 dollars. "We moved our warehouse to Yalova because it reduced both costs." Okur stated that different e-commerce sites and cargo companies are also starting to buy land in the region.
Pointing out that an organized logistics center could be established in the region, Okur emphasized that Yalova could become an e-export base. The reader said: “E-export has three major costs. Logistics, storage and employee. If an organized logistics center is established in Yalova, all e-commerce companies move their warehouses here. A joint company is established for packaging and sorting. All sites solve the packaging of export products here. Thus, the employee cost is also solved. " Stating that the cost of international shipping has reached 15 percent of the product, Okur said, “If this project is implemented, the rate drops to 3 percent. When expenses such as warehouse and employee are added, our cost in exports decreases by 40 percent. "If the project is implemented, the volume of e-export, which is approximately 800 million dollars, will double in a year." Stating that e-commerce sites look positively on the project and are preparing to present their suggestions to the government, Okur said that they want support in allocating space.
Text Reader, Google said that Turkey supported by the project. Emphasizing that the brands will become more visible abroad with the increase of exports, Okur claimed that they can be integrated more easily with global websites such as e-bay and Amazon. Okur said, “Growth will accelerate as it will increase export income. This situation will attract the attention of the funds, ”he said.

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