Osmangazi Bridge Price Tariff Officially Announced

Osmangazi Bridge Price Tariff was Officially Announced: Osmangazi Gulf Transition Bridge, which is accepted as the most important pillar of the highway project between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 and a half hour, was opened to the use of vehicles before the Ramadan Feast. Passages will be completely free during the week of the feast from the bridge, which is constantly on the agenda with the height of the transition prices.
11 Paid Transitions From July
Transition from Osmangazi Bridge will be paid on 11 July from 07: 00.
According to the tariff described, the transition from the bridge will vary from vehicle class to 62,10 starting from TL and up to 282,15 TL.
Osmangazi Bridge Price Schedule
1. class vehicles (axle range smaller than 3.20) 88,75 TL
2. class vehicles (axle range equal to and greater than 3.20) 141,95 TL
3. class vehicles (with ground clearance 3 or total number of axles 3 touching the ground with the vehicle he towed) 168,60 TL
4. class vehicles (Total number of axles with 4 or 5 on the ground or vehicle with 4 or 5 with total number of axles touching the ground)
5. class vehicles (Ground clearance 6, 7, 8 and more) 282,15 TL
6. class vehicles (motorcycles) 62,10 TL

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