Osmangazi Bridge Price Tariff Officially Announced

Osmangazi Bridge Price Tariff Officially Announced: The Osmangazi Gulf crossing bridge, which is considered as the foremost leg of the highway project that will reduce the distance between Istanbul and Izmir to 3 and a half hours, was opened to the use of vehicles before the Ramadan Feast. The crossing from the bridge, which is constantly raised by the high price of passes, will be completely free during the feast week.
Transfers From July 11 Paid
While it was announced that the crossings from Osmangazi Bridge will be paid from 11:07 on July 00, the highly anticipated price tariff has been officially announced.
According to the announced tariff, crossing the bridge will differ to vehicle classes and will start from 62,10 TL to 282,15 TL.
Osmangazi Bridge Price Schedule
Class 1 vehicles (axle spacing less than 3.20) 88,75 TL
Class 2 vehicles (wheelbase equal to 3.20 and larger) 141,95 TL
3. class vehicles (with ground clearance 3 or total number of axles 3 touching the ground with the vehicle he towed) 168,60 TL
4. class vehicles (Total number of axles with 4 or 5 on the ground or vehicle with 4 or 5 with total number of axles touching the ground)
5. class vehicles (Ground clearance 6, 7, 8 and more) 282,15 TL
6. class vehicles (motorcycles) 62,10 TL

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