Mordoğana ferry service launched

Ferry flights to Mordoğana were launched: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality gave Mordoğanlılar the joy of a double holiday. While the ferry services to Mordoğan started after Foça, the first time there was a great interest. Karşıyaka and over 100 vacationers boarding the “Dario Moreno” ship from Konak reached Mordoğan İskele after a pleasant sea voyage. Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Çakır welcomed the passengers at the pier with flowers and artisans.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality launched a ferry trip to Mordoğan, one of the touristic centers of Karaburun this year, after the Foça expeditions that started last year. The Metropolitan Municipality, which makes important moves in sea transportation with its fleet equipped with state-of-the-art ships, started the Mordoğan flights to be carried out by İZDENİZ. There was also a great deal of interest in the first Mordoğan expedition in Foça. At 08.00 in the morning Karşıyaka08.20 passengers boarded the ship named "Dario Moreno" from Konak İskele on 150. While some of the passengers got off in Foça, they were pleasantly surprised. Mayor of Foça Gökhan Demirağ celebrated his holidays by offering chocolate to the passengers coming from the ship. Demirağ thanked Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu for the ship voyages that started to Mordoğan after Foça in the outer gulf, said, “Our president has again shown a magnitude. After Foça, Mordoğan also launched ship voyages. Now the Karaburun-Mordoğan-Foça line is also connected to each other. Our citizens will be able to visit Mordoğan and Foça by using the sea transportation in the best way and provide comfortable transportation. ”
A joyful meeting in Mordoğan
After a short break in Foça, the passengers of the ship moving to Mordoğan were very enjoyable. During his travels, he read some newspapers, some watched television on his mobile phone and some enjoyed the beautiful view by looking at the deep blue. Mayor of Karaburun Ahmet Çakır welcomed the ship, which reached Mordoğan with 107 passengers, on Mordoğan Pier. With the participation of tradesmen and citizens, the first passengers of the Mordoğan expedition were greeted with great excitement.
Acceleration to tourism
Thanking Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, Karaburun Mayor Ahmet Çakır said, “We wanted a lot of sea transportation to Mordoğan. I am very happy for both our citizens and our tradesmen. These expeditions give great momentum to our district tourism. kazanwill yell. It will also positively affect the business of our tradesmen,” he said.
Both economical and enjoyable
Citizens who say that the sailings are very economical, said, “Now we had the chance to go to İZBAN, both to Foça and Mordoğan, without getting on the bus. It is a great convenience for both day holidaymakers and summer holiday makers living in Foça and Mordoğan. It is also a great opportunity for those with small children. Children also enjoyed the sea voyage. We thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. ”
Tradesmen have feasted
Latif Ok, President of Karaburun Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, who welcomed the voyages that started to Mordoğan, said, “We thank Izmir Metropolitan Municipality very much. Our shopkeepers are also very happy. As the number of tourists coming to Mordoğan increases, the work of our tradesmen will increase. ”
Two times a weekend
Saturday and Sunday at 08.00 in the morning KarşıyakaİZDENİZ ships departing from Konak pier before taking passengers to Foça, then Mordoğan'a passes. Journey at 13.00 Karşıyaka ends at the pier.
For the holidaymakers who will return or for those who want to go directly to Mordoğan at 16.30 KarşıyakaThe ships departing from Konak at 16.50, stop by Mordoğan this time and then Foça. The ship is at 21.30 Karşıyaka docking.
The prices of Foça-linked Mordoğan flights, which are organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality until 10 July due to the feast and which will be held every Saturday, next week, are determined as 12 TL, teacher 10 and student 8 TL. Izmir residents will use the "My Izmir" card for Mordoğan flights. Those who want to have a pleasant sea voyage between Mordoğan and Foça will pay 10 TL for the full ticket, 8 TL for the teacher and 6 TL for the student.

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