Last route of tram in Izmir

The last route on the tram in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu has undergone various revisions before the tender and during the construction process. Karşıyaka and announced the last route of the Konak tram.
12.8 kilometers long, 20-station Konak tramway, 8.8 kilometers long, 14-station Karşıyaka The tram was brought to the agenda with revisions and discussions related to the route before the tender and during the construction phase. Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, discussed the debate about the tram. He gave information about the construction, the last route and the new tram lines.
Mayor Kocaoğlu said that there was not the slightest objection to the start of the tram project and that he was applauded. Stating that the button was pressed suddenly afterwards, Kocaoğlu said, “Tram project 'tu kaka' was tried to be done. The route of the tram project was constantly discussed. It was discussed within the municipality and abroad. Discussions continued after the construction tender. In such projects, route changes determined during the implementation are made. "I cannot understand why there is opposition to the tram project," he said.
Karşıyaka Stating that they changed the route in the Bostanlı Bazaar on the tram line upon the request of "Don't pass here", Kocaoğlu said, “We turned from Tansaş. We arranged the bridge between Boğaziçi Restaurant and the bridge. It was beautiful. This time, the voices of 'I wish he had passed here' rose in Bostanlı Bazaar. People behave in their moods of that day. The line would go to the right and left of the road in the Marriage Office 'area. However, since there is no secondary road on this part of the road, the residents of the apartment here asked 'How are we going to move? How do we enter, we will wash? As such, we took the line to the sea side. It will cross both sides of the registered palm trees. No trees were cut down. Double lines would go to Alaybey. However, as the road got narrower, we decided to go to Alaybey in one line. We made this decision out of necessity. The other line will end there at the minibus stops next to the pier, ”he said.
Stating that there may be changes in most of the projects due to the problems arising in the applications, Kocaoğlu said that in the first project on the Konak tram, the car parks in the green area section of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard went, and it was understood that the car parks on the roadside in Mithatpaşa Street, which they considered as an alternative, that the line would not allow this, and the street was steep. He said that it was determined that there might be traffic problems due to the vehicles coming from the interrupting streets. Stating that they found the solution to take the route back to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard, Kocaoğlu said, “We reduced the width of 3.5 meters to 3.25 meters on the Boulevard. We kept three way and three ways. We narrowed the central median. "One of the line is laid by the land and the other by the sea, along the sidewalk."
Stating that the tram will pass in front of the pier in Konak, Kocaoğlu said that the line that will return to Gazi Boulevard from Cumhuriyet Boulevard will pass through the middle of the plane trees. Kocaoğlu said, “Rails will rise in this section to protect the roots of the trees. The tram will turn from the Çankaya junction to Şair Eşref Boulevard ”. Stating that the plane trees and mulberry trees in the middle are protected on Şaif Eşref Boulevard and the road will go from the right and left of the trees, Kocağlu said that after Hocazade Mosque, the line will first return to Ali Çetinkaya Boulevard, and then at the corner of Atatürk Sports Hall, Alsancak Station from Ziya Gökalp Boulevard. He stated that he would reach him. Kocaoğlu pointed out that the reason for the revision made on the way back from the mosque stop is the deep tunnel vehicle underpass that will pass under Vahap Özaltay Square, which will be the entrance from Şair Eşref and the exit in front of the Gas Factory, and explained that the change was made in the Martyrs Street pass. In the first project, it is envisaged that both lines of the tram will pass from Şehitler Street, but due to reasons such as the narrowing of the road and the disappearance of the sidewalks, there is a single line going from Şehitler Caddesi to Halkapınar, and on the return from Halkapınar, with a single line to pass from Meles Bridge to Liman Caddesi He said that there would be departure and the two lines would join in front of the Turkish Grain Board silos.
Aziz Kocaoglu, Mansion and Karşıyaka While construction of tramways is continuing, Karşıyaka He said that they are making preparations for the 2nd stage of the tram. Kocaoğlu said, "We are planning a second stage for a line that will include the tramway to İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone, Ata Sanayi, and the new Çiğli Regional Training Hospital." According to the project in the planning Karşıyaka The tram will pass through the industrial zone until it reaches Çiğli Regional Training Hospital.
On the other hand, Metropolitan Municipality officials gave information to the representatives of trade associations last week about the construction of the tram project route. In the meeting held upon the demands of the trade associations, statements were made about the places where the trees were planted, especially in Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, where the trees were removed from the middle ruffle, Gazi Boulevard and the line crossing from Şaif Eşref. It was stated that with the new trees to be planted when the line is completed, the number of trees here will be twice as in the past. Professional chambers representatives also asked questions about the tramjay project.
Mansion and Karşıyaka Revisions were made many times before and after the bidding on trams. The most important changes before the tender, the line foreseen to pass through the middle regime in Şair Eşref Boulevard was changed and it was reduced to the road because it would cause the removal of mulberry trees in the middle. The line, which was planned to pass through the area where the green areas and parking lots are located on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard, was taken to Mithatpaşa Street as it would decrease the number of parking lots and remove the trees. However, he was taken to Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard due to the interruption of the traffic flow from the steep streets, preventing parking lots on the street and infrastructure problems. It was decided to pass the line on the land and sea sides of the road in order not to affect the car parks and green areas on the Boulevard. Republic Square transition has also changed. The line was changed to Gazi Boulevard-Çankaya-Şair Eşref Boulevard. Karşıyaka The important change in the tram was the change of Bostanli Bazaar transition.



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