Metin Oktay and Travel time in the Gulf

Metin Oktay in the Gulf and Time to Travel: The Gulf Fleet 12, completely renewed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. and 13. ships are also coming soon. Finally, the Municipality of Vahap Özaltay delivered the ship, the names of the names of the people of Izmir belir Metin Oktay iler and yine Gezi Bel bearing the name of the cruise ships until the new year will take service.
15 was designed and completed by 11, which was designed by the Metropolitan Municipality for the efficient use of Izmir Bay in public transportation. 12.'s si Metin Oktay UM will be completed in August and gem Gezi edi will be completed in November.
The contract will end before the date
The production process of new ships in Yalova continues at a great pace. The contract requires 12 to be completed in October. tamamlan Metin Oktay acak, which is the next passenger ship, will be completed in August and completed two months ago. 13. de Gezi İzmir will be completed two months before the contract date and will be in İzmir in November instead of January.
Fast, safe, comfortable, economical
The new passenger ships of Izmir launched a new era of sea transportation with the comfort, speed and maneuverability. The carbon composite material used in the ships reduced the fuel consumption due to the weight, and the carbon dioxide emission decreased. Particular advantages of new ships are the fact that they are environmentally friendly and disabled, and that passenger safety is kept at the highest level.
The people of Izmir put their names
The names of the vessels that Izmir Metropolitan Municipality provided to the transportation fleet were determined by the survey conducted with the participation of the people of İzmir. 500 more than a thousand games used in the survey the highest vote was named 1881-Ataturk. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has been serving the 11 vessel so far, gave the names of Çakabey, 9 September, 1881 Atatürk, Soma 301, Dario Moreno, Attila İlhan, Foça, Cengiz Kocatoros, Gürsel Aksel, Sait Altınordu and Vahap Özaltay. The names of passenger ships with delivery cars were the prominent names in the survey, Hasan Tahsin and Ahmet Piriştina. The last passenger car will be named Kubilay.


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