Karaman-Niğde High Speed ​​Train Line 3,2 will cost Billions

Karaman- Nigde Speed ​​Train Line 3,2 billion in goods to Register: Turkey's launched in many areas, and 244 km line length with Nigde also in place receives Karaman- Nigde (Ulukışla) is not coming to an end in the construction of high speed rail line. It is planned to complete the work done in 200 to start trains that can reach a speed of 2020 km per hour. In the statement made by the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan, both cargo and passenger transport will be carried out on the line, which is planned as electrical and signaled. This project, which will connect Central Anatolia to the Aegean, is included in the integration of the national railway network. The Karaman-Niğde (Ulukışla) -New high-speed train project line, which is expected to make serious contributions to this integration, will be approximately 244 km long. The high-speed train project on this line is planned as a double line, electrical and signaled suitable for 200 km / h. Both freight and passenger transportation will be made on this line. It has been reported that the project cost will be 3 billion 200 million TL. The line will be completed in 2020.

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