Kabataş Seagull Project postponed for a week

Kabataş The Seagull Project was postponed for a week: in the form of seagull, which is announced to start tomorrowKabataş Square Arrangement Transfer Center and the Renovation of Piers Construction were postponed
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Assembly, Kabataş It has been announced that the project of the seagull, announced as the "Seagull Project", will start as of 5 July, as it has approved the 28-thousand and thousand zoning plans for the construction of a modern transfer center that will integrate sea, rail and road transport. The project, which has been making a big noise since the first day, has been delayed for a week due to the state of emergency in the country due to the July 15 coup attempt. During the study, which is expected to last at least one year, sea transportation will be provided from other piers and Dolmabahçe-Fındıklı traffic will be taken underground. Bus and tram transportation will be until Fındıklı.
The construction will be carried out under the supervision of the Archeology Museum, with all monuments and trees preserved. Within the scope of studies that will last at least one year Kabataş Rail system, sea and road transportation will be integrated in the Square. With the project, which includes a new pedestrianized square construction on an area of ​​83 thousand square meters, the ferry, sea bus and motor piers will be renewed. While the traffic between Dolmabahçe-Fındıklı is underground, there will also be a museum, exhibition halls and parking lot under the square.
KabataşMetro lines that run from Beşiktaş, Mecidiyeköy, Kağıthane and Alibeyköy to Mahmutbey and then to İkitelli, Bahçeşehir, Esenyurt. Kabataşwill be integrated in. Mahmutbey Metro Kabataşwill be extended from Karaköy and Unkapanı Bridge. The 18-kilometer Beykoz-Üsküdar Metro, where the project tender is made, with Marmaray in Üsküdar Kabataşwill be integrated to. 18.4 km of Sarıyer- Beşiktaş Metro where the project was tendered Kabataşwill reach out to. Darüşşafaka-Yenikapı Line's Taksim-Kabataş With Funicular KabataşIntegration will continue.
KabataşThe ferry engine and sea bus piers will be constructed from these piers during the study:
CITY LINES: Kadıköy-Kabataş, Kabataş- Islands and frequented Bosphorus cruises from Beşiktaş and Eminönü (Katip Çelebi) Pier,
IDO: Kadıköy-Kabataş, Kabataş-Islands expeditions are from Beşiktaş and Yenikapı Pier,
The DENT: Kabataş- Üsküdar expeditions from Karaköy Pier,
BUDO: Kabataş-Bursa flights will be provided from the old Karaköy İDO Pier.

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