Italy investigates the cause of the train crash (Video)

Italy is investigating the cause of the train crash: an investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fatal train crash in the northern part of Bari, Italy.
The delayed rail system renewals and the old telephone warning system were under investigation. Prosecutor Francesco Giannella, who is investigating the accident, stressed that the possibility of human error is not excluded and said:
Iz First of all, starting from the current situation, we will deepen the investigation to see if there is a technical or organizational error. And this research will go beyond human error if it happened. Ve
Italian official authorities, at least 23 people lost their lives in the accident. However, some relatives of the passengers claimed that there were losses:
“We went through all the hospitals all day to find my brother's wife. The last time we came here, my brother told me his wife had a necklace with a letter M on his neck. He told us that the nurse probably also diagnosed them. Hemş
24 injured on trains colliding head-on on a single-track road. Passenger 8'in status is heavy and the number of deaths could be recorded.
22 has not yet been identified while the 1 passenger who lost their lives has been completed.


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