Turkey Overview of International Activities That Will Change

Turkey Mulls International Events at a Glance: This year 10. The International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair is preparing to host the leaders of the sector.
This year 10. logitrans, which is preparing to open once, will host exhibitors and visitors from many countries. 'National transport and logistics companies in the world, many of the exhibitors and visitors coming to the country to draw a true picture Turkey, "he told the International Transport Logistics Fair logitrans Executive Director Ilker Altun said:
Itr Logitrans, which will be opened in November, has reached the occupancy rate of 70-80 percent. As we attempted to wrap the damages out of it, we witnessed the blow nonsense blocked by the resistance of the people. Turkey is now the area through their biased news media, we see that the western anxious participants. We have to avoid not only logitrans, but also negative reflections on other international events. For this, we need to change perceptions, especially on the European media and the business world. The coexistence as a whole country in the face of the coup attempt should be demonstrated for such activities.
Members of each sector should take part in the international event in their field. The name of these events, fairs, conferences, exhibitions, regardless of the festival to take place in any way better than ever, it is up to the organizers. However, the sector companies as well as the state should assume a role of ownership in their activities ”
Then, “Our country is going through a tough process. All decisions should be able to change during such periods. İlk İlker Altun said: “10. In logitrans company that provides the basis for participation, and industry fairs themselves together and nurturing, but also creates those conducting Turkey's trade. The whole country owes these companies to the Turkish logistics sector, which is beyond the scope of its own companies, which is the only voice with its competitors and, when necessary, with its stakeholders. Because logistics is essential for the survival of life. Under the circumstances, there are still many companies that have contacted us for participation. It's time to show off to a diminishing number of participants of this kind of activity and to the visitor who has shown courage and determination. Today is the day of the logistics sector to resist any attempt to block trade, like Turkish citizens lying in front of tanks. Turkey has most of it at the highest level and the need now. "
“Companies are calling AĞ
Finally, many initiatives as well as giving notice to foreign publications TUSIAD, which put posters on the means to go abroad UND and indicating variables of the private work on that in this sense is far from over Altun, "International events will continue and they will be places that changed the outlook on Turkey. From our point of view, logitrans is one of the most important test areas. We invite all transport and logistics companies to take responsibility and participate in the fair. ”
EKO MMI Trade Fairs Ltd. Ltd. Sti by 10. Kasım International Logitrans Transport Logistics Fair X will be held between 16-18 November 2016 Istanbul Fair Center 9. and 10. to be held in the halls. Logitrans, a perfect bridge between Europe and the Near East; logistics, telematics, and the broad range of products and services across the entire value chain of transport.

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