You will be amazed to find out what the cat is doing at the train station in the morning.

You will be amazed when the cat sitting at the train station in the morning learns about the job: a train station in West Yorkshire, England, used to be very confusing. If it weren't for Felix, it would still be a shambles. Felix works in the train station to get the layout.

Felix works from 2011 at the Huddersfield train station, located in a small neighborhood in England's West Yorkshire. 2.5 was monthly when he started working.

However, if you think that the cute cat wanders around here, you are wrong. He has a real job here for five years. It's his job to chase rats at the train station, which is an extremely rat. In this way, passengers can wait for their trains with confidence.

Staff have been loving him since he started working at the train station. He even has his own door to emergency situations.

The cuddly cat who is given the money for his work is now an official. The badge says 'Expert pest hunter' and has a nice uniform.

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